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It Can Be Upsetting And Stressful, And Can Become Incredibly Expensive To Clean Carpets. Learn From A Cat Behaviorist How To Stop Your Cat From Spraying All Over Your House Toda Get Food and Accessories for Your Dog. Free UK Delivery on Eligible Orders So my Narcissa is having her first and last litter. Last night she had one kitten and then stopped. She has 3 in her tummy. She is in no distress, and she is nursing and caring for the one that was born If the mother cat had one kitten and stopped, but is fine after 24 hours or more, it is likely only one kitten is in the litter Newborn kittens should be fed formula or milk every two hours. Weaning onto mush can begin at approximately four weeks of age. A kitten lost to fading kitten syndrome can sometimes be a harbinger..

My neighbors have two boys seven and four And they can be a bit destructive at times and one of there cats just had a litter of 3 a couple month Ago and the cat is having more so I want to teach them to be more social while the kittens are still young this gave me a lot of great tips If you haven't already done so, after one week, take the mother cat and kittens to your veterinarian for a well-check. If the mother cat was not vaccinated, this would be a good time to do it. Also, she might get treatment for roundworms, to protect both her and her kittens. New Kitten and Mother Cat Car

In case your queen really had only one kitten, one anticipated problem is that a single kitten may not be able to capture her mother's interest and she may abandon her baby. If you observe this happening, keep watch over the mother First of all, many people come upon litters of kittens outdoors and assume they've been abandoned when, in fact, mom is nearby, probably hunting. Outdoor or stray moms sometimes scatter their kittens to avoid predation. If the kittens seem well fed, are in a safe place, and fall asleep after crying for a short while, mom is probably around In general, between kitten and kitten, the birth interval is usually not more than an hour, which is why, if after a couple of hours another cat does not appear, it is likely that childbirth is completed. In addition, at the end of giving birth, the mother tends to stand and devote herself to licking and taking care of their offspring

Why It's a Problem If Your Cat Stops Eating . If your cat isn't feeling well, it may stop eating because there's something stuck in its stomach or intestines.Or, your cat might not like the food you're offering. Your cat's lack of eating can also be a symptom of a disease or problem that's causing pain or discomfort. Regardless of the reason, it's a major concern if your cat stops eating Contact your veterinarian if your kitten has not eaten for one to two days or if your adult cat has not eaten in two days. Adult cats, especially those that are overweight, can develop a serious disease called hepatic lipidosis if they stop eating, so prompt action is important Depression in cats is another possible cause to why your cat has stopped playing all out of a sudden. Similar to stress, depression in cats can be caused by a variety of things, such as a new pet in their home, punishment, loss of their principal caregiver, etc If your cat has just given birth and doesn't do this, you should cut the cord using sterilized scissors and tie it off about an inch from the kitten's body. Make sure that the remaining cord attached to the kitten is short so that the mother cat doesn't chew on it. Offer a warm, dry plac

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  1. g themselves leaving very unkempt looking coats. Not eating or change in appetite: If your cat has stopped eating or you've noted a sudden change in appetite, it may be unhappy about something. Sad cats may snub foods they previously enjoyed and may even lose interest in their.
  2. Hi - thanks for your email. You wrote that you have two adult sister cats that each had a litter within a couple days of each other and one is taking the kittens of the other and trying to nurse them. There are a few concerns about this. First, the energy that it would require for her to nurse all 10 kittens would be great
  3. Just the day before,my kitten was playing with his kitten toys, eating his kitten food and acting,in every way, like a perfectly normal kitten. He had, however, just been seen by the local veterinarian for mild catconjunctivitis and a mild feline upper respiratory infection for which I wasgiving him antibiotics by mouthand cat antibiotic eye drops

It can be very upsetting to see your cat have a seizure. Fortunately a single seizure is usually of short duration, and your cat is unconscious while convulsing. Seizures happen when abnormal electrochemical activity occurs in the brain. They can occur as a single event, as a cluster of seizures over a short period, or on a recurring basis every few weeks or months Simba, My cat just had kittens. We keep her in our cupboard where it is dark. Yesterday she took off with one of her kittens and ran into another room with it and hid it under the bed. Sometimes little kids look at them and We have handled them at times. She is good with them but it is her first litter and we do not know if that is OK with her This morning, I took his temperature and he had a fever of 106! Our vet put an IV on him, and gave him another fever reducer and an oral antibiotic. The vet thinks he might have a virus or a bacterial infection. He has no other symptoms. he is been in the house since we had him so no other cats could have infected him. My partner thinks he dying Step 4. Watch out for signs of aggression toward kittens. This is an extremely clear signal that momma cat has rejected her young. Always check with your veterinarian before changing your pet's diet, medication, or physical activity routines. This information is not a substitute for a vet's opinion. 00:00. 00:05 08:19 We recommend transitioning to adult food over a 7- to 10-day period to help avoid any digestive upset. Here's how: Days 1-2: Serve 3/4 of the normal amount of kitten food and add 1/4 of the new adult cat food. Days 3-4: Serve half kitten food and half adult cat food. Days 5-7: Serve 1/4 kitten food and 3/4 adult cat food

Safety. Feral cats or outdoor cats hide their kittens to protect them from predators. Like puppies, kittens are born blind and deaf, relying solely on their mother to keep them safe. An outdoor cat will pick a spot that is difficult to find and/or get to in order to minimize any danger to her kittens from predators When one cat dies, owners will often notice some changes in the pets that are left behind. They may become aloof or lethargic. Some may stop eating or become clingy. Others may be more vocal - walking around meowing as though looking for their companion. Based on these outward signs, it appears that cats do grieve when their feline companion. We adopted two cats 11 years ago from the cat protection league. A v young mother and her son. The mother cat was a confident and friendly, however the son was frightened and spent most of his day.

Hi all, my cat is not usually one for hiding. She's getting on bit now, approaching 11 years old. Lately she has lost a lot of weight and is leaving to hide in the neighbours garden, the last. Cats can also develop weak and wobbly legs due to injury/trauma or falling from a height. Diabetes, organ failure and neurological problems can cause the gradual weakening of a cat's rear legs. If your cat's hind legs suddenly stopped working, this can sometimes be a sign of a blood clot, infection, or stroke Keep an eye on her, but it's not unusual for cats -- or for humans! -- to have reactions to vaccinations. Sometimes one of our cats or another will just sleep all day long after a vet visit, and not eat much. But they bounce back within 24 to 36 hours. Hope that's all it is. 01-13-2009, 11:24 AM There is one placenta per kitten, and it should be expelled after the birth of each. Stop a Dog Barking at Other Dogs. I panicked a bit, but because I had read this previous to my cat's delivery, I was able to help the little one. The kitten's nursing as I write this.... more. More success stories Hide success stories

The optimal number of litter boxes is one for each cat plus one more. This means that if you have two cats, you should provide three litter boxes. Note that the boxes need to be in totally different places. Otherwise, one cat may attempt to guard and own all the toilets and keep the other cat away Do not let your kitten or cat go unprotected from panleukopenia. This virus can cause a very cruel death. My suggestions: Kittens: Vaccinate kittens with FVRCP twice starting at 8-9 weeks of age with the second, and final kitten vaccine, administered when the kitten is no younger than 16 weeks of age When a cat stops using the litter box, there's always a reason. Your first impulse may be to shout at the cat, but that will just frighten and confuse him. Cats are not vengeful, and he is not going outside his box to get back at you for pushing him off the sofa. Instead, look at what may have triggered this change, which you yourself may have. Some cats will not use a box that's too small and confining. It's common to purchase a litter box for a new kitten or young adult cat and forget to buy a larger one when he or she becomes full size. Solution: It's important to choose the right size box. A cat needs enough room to fully turn around and dig to cover his waste

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Hello! my friends cat recently had kittens. We adopted one kitten. She is 5/6 weeks old. yesterday she came and was fine. Today she threw up 6/7 times. Liquid clear foamy throw up. The owner of the cat said to feed the kitten milk so we fed the kitten 2% walmart milk. They said they feed the cat 2% milk and she loves it The general rule of thumb is one box per cat, plus one. So, if you have one cat, you should have two litter boxes. If you have two cats, you should have three litter boxes, and so on. A lot of cats, for whatever cat reason, prefer to urinate in one box and poop in a different box If your cat has had stones, has been blocked, or has repeated bouts of cystitis, she will be put on a prescription food that will modify the urine content and minimize the risk of recurrence. There are several brands of this type of food, but if your cat refuses all of them, there is medication that can modify the pH of the urine, which. I have two cats, Dembsey is my cat and is 2 years old are other cat is my daughters and we have had for about 8 months Figaro(he is leaving in a couple weeks) recently my cat Dembsey has decided to pee outside of his box also poop outside the box. I have 3 boxes in mt home, I keep clean on a regular basis

Cats over the age of about 7 or 8 years become prone to conditions such as arthritis. Arthritis in cats is very common in older cats and therefore cannot be ignored as a possible cause of why your old cat can't walk. Other causes of older cats struggling to walk include the possibility of: Diabetes: nerve degeneration. Hyperthyroidosm My cat seemed fine at first but after she got up she still seems pregnant - like there might be another kitten or two in there. It is now almost 12 hours later and she just took the kittens from the bedroom where she gave birth to them (she gave birth at the foot of the bed while I was asleep) and she took them to a box in my closet in another. If you see this in one or both eyes, along with a watery discharge, there's a good chance they have conjunctivitis. You may know it by its nickname, pinkeye. It's the most common eye problem for cats. An infection, an allergy, or even dust can bring it on. Pinkeye is contagious, so most cats will have it at least once in their lives Cat Seizures: Causes, Symptoms, & Treatment. Seizures, also known as fits or convulsions, are caused by excessive electrical activity in the brain. The random firing of nerve impulses leads to loss of normal consciousness with uncontrolled, uncoordinated, repetitive contractions of some or most muscles of the body

Hi one stray cat came to my court is male cat this cat come only to eat and then leave come only 5 times every day for food and water and then leave is one young small in age cat very energetic. One of them had diarrhea when I adopted them and along with them but when I took them home the stools were normal they gave me 1 pack of food to mix and gradually start reducing the amount. I did them for 4 days with a small liquid medication which they provided me to give them for 5 days. One of my kitten now has diarrhea

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Yesterday she stopped eating, drinking and playing suddenly. She looks sedated and will let me pet her but is not interactive. Hello, We have four newborn kittens--19 days old. One died 2 days ago--we... (10625 views) Why can't I get rid of fleas? My question is about my 8-10 year old cat. He has had teeth removed do... (13298 views I have had great success using the above-mentioned method on my cats. There was only one time I had to take an outdoor cat to the vet—he was older, and his wound stayed infected. He stopped eating and just loafed around more so than normal—he would go into such a deep sleep that he wouldn't even budge when I called his name

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same kind of face at my current cat. u always tell everyone he is never joking, always serious. 8. Continue this thread. level 1. · 1d. Well, put yourself in his paws. He's a god who just moved into a home where he has to rely on an inferior being to provide him with his necessities. And you're already showing signs of being a sub-standard slave Cat diarrhea is a very common presenting complaint among cats brought into my office for examination. In general, it is one of the most frequent reasons cats are taken to see the veterinarian. Diarrhea occurs in kittens, adult cats, geriatrics, males and females and all breeds. It has many different causes, almost too many to list Laura mentioned above that she thought it was strange that so many people on this site and others had a cat who became hoarse or lost their voice after bringing a new kitten home. I rescued 4 kittens six weeks ago and now my 6 yr old cat's voice is raspy. These kitten's eyes were goopy and some were matted shut. Some were sneezing Can my cat recover fully from toxic seizure hospitalization. toxic seizure recovery? I have a 1 yr old JRT/Britany mix.Last Monday we came home to find that he had ate about 4 oz. of coffee beans and knocked over a glass side table,he sliced open his back foot and now has staples. he has been in ICU for 4 days, everything seems to be working fine except he does no seem in touch with reality

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  1. Listen to your cat. If your cat does not like to be petted, or held, or picked up, hissing may be his way of letting you know. Respect his boundaries, and don't handle your cat in a way he is not comfortable with. Your cat flattening its ears or whisking its tail back and forth quickly can also be signs that it's uncomfortable or scared. Always make sure the cat has an escape route to avoid.
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  3. I have concerns about my cat. She is only 10 months, her mother and her became sick out of nowhere, the mother has gotten better, however my cat hasnt. My cat started improving for 2 days and then got worse, she has been sick a little over a week now. We noticed she had lost a substantial amount of weight, she eats a good amount of food
  4. My Cat Has AIDS. Juice was an impulse buy. It was early July 2003, and we were headed to the mall for a gift for Carly, about to turn 15. We parked near a bus equipped as an animal shelter. Inside, kitten-filled cages lined the walls, except for one, which had a large, orange and white cat stuffed into it. Carly made a beeline for him and the.

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My cat despite being supposedly sedated screamed - a muffled scream - but screamed. The doctor plunged the needle in again and my cat screamed again. I asked if his heart had stopped and he stuck his finger in his eye and said yes. After the assistant told me it was gas not a scream. Did my cat feel the pain or was it a reflex scream My 3 older cats stopped eating Felix a year ago so we changed to hilife it's natural and haven't looked back since have noticed a big change in them as well. We started my one year old kittens on it nearly from the start of having them had to introduce it slowly as they were on Felix from cat rescue the both had the runs on Felix again. Kitten won't stop nursing on other cat. Katherine Levin/staff 4/26/04a sick kitten takes a bottle from Megan Webb of the Oakland Animal Shelter. DEAR JOAN: I have a 3-month-old kitten. He's a. Breeding, pregnancy, and birthing in cats may seem simple, but can have complications. Cats can have multiple litters in a year. It is important to know when your cat may be expecting to give birth so that you can be available to provide assistance if necessary. It is important to know what signs indicate that your cat may be experiencing difficulties delivering the kittens and know when. I've had 4-5 cats over the years that would carry one of their play toys around and yowl or meow to get my attention. Whether you want to better understand why your cat is doing this, what they want, or how you can stop it - I have put together some information that will help

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If the cats are locked together, pick one up by the scruff, which will force him to release the other cat. Keep the cats separated for a while to let them cool down. Every time you have a fight, the relationship gets worse, Sackman says. The longer the fights have been going on, the harder it is to correct the relationship. Cat dragging stuff and crying. I seriously need help figuring this one out. Okay, so when my cat was a baby, she used to snatch up socks and walk around with them in her mouth, it was so rare to see her doing it, so i just dismissed it as cute kitten behavior. Well now she's about a year, and she just had 3 kittens, and she is snagging ALL. I have never had a cat do this but I know other people who have had terminal cats who went into this behavior mode (stop eating & get in a good hiding spot). Not drinking is even worse than not eating, but in either case I'd make a vet visit pretty early on There are several issues that could cause a cat to start drooling. Reiter says one of the leading causes of drooling in cats is oral pain. Oral pain can create situations where a cat is either unwilling or unable to swallow, he describes. If the cat can't swallow, excess saliva flows out of the mouth. Oral pain has a myriad of causes I had 2 cats also. The older one who I had first, died today of heart failure. The remaining cat, a female ferral, worshipped the ground he walked on even tho he couldn't stand her. Unfortunately I have to leave out of town in 6 days (have to - its my daughter's wedding) and I'm so worried about leaving her alone

The Second Stage Of Cat Labor. Second stage of labor signs are: Forceful Straining, the contractions have gotten very strong and she is using her abdominal muscles to push. Fluid At Her Genitals, this does not appear for all cats. Crying Out, Vocalization. She will probably lay down during the birth, either on her side or on her chest Yes she is a breeding cat. She registered with fife. Some people told me that this is not normal and she might develop some problems in her reproductive organs and some say that because there is no male around her, so she doesn't smell his scent, so she doesn't go into heat, however my other female cat she calls regularly and loud, but she had a contact with a male before from other breeder. If you already have one or more cats and you bring a new cat home, the reaction of your old (or resident cat or cats), may simply be to avoid the new cat. Or, the situation may quickly escalate to one in which your cat is hissing and growling at the newcomer with his hair standing on end, or even flat out attacking the new cat One mistake many people do is hold the cat on her back as if she was a baby. Most cats don't enjoy being held like this and might even scratch your face while their legs are pointing up. You can read more about the proper ways to hold a cat in this post by a cat behavior expert Pam Johnson-Bennett For several days after the vet gently stopped my 20-year-old cat Hedda's heart, I couldn't get past the feeling that Hedda didn't want to die, or at least, she wanted it to happen in her own time, naturally. I had been one of those people who was adamant that I would not choose euthanasia unless I believed Hedda felt death would be.

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3. Isolate your cat at home. If you have a multi-cat household, you will need to isolate the cat being treated. Infectious conjunctivitis can easily spread between cats, so you want to make sure your cat does not infect the other cats. Keep your cat isolated for the duration of the treatment I made the terrible decision to put my cat down this week. I'm 35 weeks pregnant, my husband was out of town, and I've had this cat for 16 years - half of my life. Last year, at her checkup, we were told she was amazingly healthy for a girl of her age. A week ago, I took her in for an exam because she started urinating outside the litter box At 7 to 9 months old, your cat is considered a young adolescent. He is exploring eagerly, and he is socializing and bonding with people. During this stage, your cat will experience rapid growth, and his baby teeth are now gone, replaced by stronger, adult teeth. Your young cat will likely sleep a lot, more than 16 hours a day

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  1. g a feline veterinarian. I had never evenheard of FIP the day my kitten suddenly had hazy eyes. All I knew was thatsomething was very wrong with my kitty's ordinarily gorgeous cat eyes
  2. The best kitten food sat waiting in the cupboard next to delicious kitten treats - the perfect training rewards. No doubt you can't wait to see your little cat feasting on the glorious meal. Yet sometimes what you'll see instead is the new kitten not eating and woefully ignoring the bowl of food in front of them
  3. These are further reasons why your cat has stopped eating. How To Encourage Cats To Eat. Attempt to hand-feed your cat its usual meal. Cats enjoy the one-on-one attention that comes from hand-feeding. Avoid making a habit of this because some cats will expect this level of service every time
  4. If the mama cat senses that a baby is weak or fails to thrive, she will refuse to nurse that kitten or other affected kittens as well. Healthy kittens are born weighing about 3.5 ounces, and they gain 1/4 ounce to 1/2 ounce per day if nursing properly, according to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
  5. mam my cat had stomatatis and had been taken to vet they gave him some injections and syrups after 3 to 4 days its been noticed that it had loose motion for one week and had not been eating any food for the past 2 days so we decided to take her to the vet again he gave her some injections and syrup after visiting the vet loose stool stopped but.
  6. I saw some blind cats on My Cat From Hell a few weeks ago, and if I hadn't known going in that those cats were blind, I NEVER would have guessed! :^) Reply; Ginger Stevens June 10, 2016 at 7:56 am (5 years ago) I had a cat that went blind one day. A few weeks later he began having seizures. Probable dx was a brain tumor. I had to let.

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  1. Cats of any age can have problems with their lower urinary tracts. Some cats are prone to urinary tract infections (UTIs) that go away after taking antibiotics. Other cats get blockages and bladder stones that need surgery to fix. Learn more about cat UTIs and other urinary tract problems and how to treat them
  2. ent, and this is the perfect opportunity to direct her to the nest that you have already prepared for her
  3. Why is my cat not eating? Loss of appetite in cats, also known as anorexia, can be a sign of a serious underlying disease. The list of potential causes for cats not eating is long and diverse and includes kidney disease, cat flu, diabetes, fever, hyperthyroidism and pancreatitis. Dental problems, pain and internal obstructions may also result in your cat not eating
  4. Listen to your cat. If your cat does not like to be petted, or held, or picked up, hissing may be his way of letting you know. Respect his boundaries, and don't handle your cat in a way he is not comfortable with. Your cat flattening its ears or whisking its tail back and forth quickly can also be signs that it's uncomfortable or scared. Always make sure the cat has an escape route to avoid.
  5. Since my cat was a canned food only cat his gums had gotten kinda swollen and the vet said the chewing thing he was doing was probably because it felt like something was stuck in his teeth. But there wasn't and after we had the cats teeth cleaned he stopped doing it and I make sure he gets dry food as a treat occasionally to help clean his teeth
  6. Taking Care of Kittens can be simple when the Mother Cat is able to and does her job well, but that is not always the case. Also, even when Mom tries her best, there are things that you, as the human Mom, need to monitor to keep all safe and healthy. The following topics about kittens are primarily about kittens in the first 6-8 weeks of life
  7. I had a dream last night about two cats one was white with big eyes and the other one was dark brown they were both in my room under my covers I in the dream woke up and put them on the floor but they wanted to be on my lap but I didn't want them on me so they stayed on the floor and the white cat stared into my eyes I felt like if the cat.
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  1. Clawing furniture - See my page on how to stop cat scratching the furniture; Some may see these behaviors as being naughty whilst others may see as cute or funny. More Serious Negative Behaviors. Biting - If your cat decides that it is a good game to bite you (not much fun for you). The cat discipline which works best to stop this behavior is
  2. She saw the tiny kitten running through traffic and said she just had to stop. I knew I needed to check my surroundings, look both ways, and definitely was hyper-aware of my surroundings this.
  3. Even more upsetting for human family members is when the cat decides to start humping a visitor's leg. Some Reasons for Mounting Behavior in Neutered Cats. For most cats, this type of behavior stops after being neutered. The behavior may not stop immediately after castration surgery though. It may take weeks and in some cases, months or even.
  4. Cats love to get away from it all in small places, and you can provide one for your new cat as his own little safe haven. If he came home in a cat carrier, that might be a good choice. You can also make one by cutting a doorway for her in the end of a box. If you prefer, you can buy a covered cat bed at a pet supply store
  5. Diarrhea that lasts for 24 to 48 hours probably won't cause a problem unless you have an older cat or a kitten. But if it lasts longer, your cat can get dehydrated, which can be dangerous. Some common causes of cat diarrhea include: Changes to their diet or food allergies or intolerances
  6. A cat I had when I was younger gave birth to her kittens in my lap and now i have a different cat that is pregnant with her first litter. I believe she is around 5 weeks. Her appetite has increased, she is increasingly having to know my whereabouts, and refuses to sleep until I'm in bed and she can cuddle up next to me with the blanket.
  7. People joke about cats and their finicky eating habits, but it's actually a serious issue if your cat won't eat.. Although a refusal to eat is concerning for all pets, it can be more dangerous for cats.. When animals don't eat enough, they must rely on their fat reserves for energy

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My cat of 17 years died and I thought about getting another cat, but vascillated. Then a feral cat gave birth to 4 kittens right outside my window, so now I have FIVE cats (kittens + momma). So far I have had three of them spayed/neutered, but with all the tests, shots, and surgery that was about $280 each, so I've spent close to $900 on this 3. Line the container with a clean, thick towel, blanket, or discarded clothing. Place it in the quiet spot, then set up the cat's litter box, food and water bowls. You want to make the spot inviting for the mother cat just as much as you want to make the nest safe and warm for the kittens A friend and cat lover recalls: My cat, Catnip, peed on the floor! At first, I was so mad at him. I locked him up in the basement with his litter box, food and water. The urine looked a little red, but I was convinced he was fine since he was acting normally otherwis

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