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Similar to AirDrop iBooks, iPhone Transfer is able to save PDFs from computer to iDevice too. Hook up your iPhone to the computer via USB cord, and launch the iOS transfer to recognize your device. Step 2. Import books to iPhone in one click. Select iBooks on left ribbon. You can preview, manage or edit existing PDFs To do this, head over to appleid.apple.com in a web browser, click the Manage your Apple ID button, and sign in with your existing account. Select the sidebar item labeled Name, ID and Email..

Make sure that you have a backup of your device. Have your Apple ID and password ready. Transfer your SIM card. If your new device needs a different SIM card than what you have, or an eSIM, contact your carrier Tap a Wi-Fi network to join. Follow the steps until you see the Apps & Data screen, then tap Restore from iCloud Backup. Sign in to iCloud with your Apple ID and password. When asked, choose a backup Method 2:Unrestrictedly Transfer iBooks Files to PC/Mac with Tenorshare iCareFone; Method 1: Export Books From iBooks to Computer by Email. This way requires you to attach file from iBooks to email. You should have an email address available on computer so that you can transfer iBooks to PC without iTunes. Open iBooks app on your iPhone or. Click the Book icon to enter iPhone Book Management. Select one or several ebooks that you want to transfer from iPhone to PC, be it PDF, ePub, or MP3 Audio Books. Click Export and your Apple books are transferred to computer local folder without iTunes. Tip: The default destination folder to store exported Apple books is C:/User/YourName.

One of the biggest benefits of keeping and managing books via Kindle cloud is convenience. You can access your books any time you are connected to the web, from any device or app registered with the same Amazon credentials. Use a Kindle e-reader, a Kindle app on an iPad, Amazon Fire tablet, or an Android-powered tablet or phone Transfer data directly from one iPhone or iPad to another If your current iPhone or iPad is using iOS 12.4 or later or iPadOS 13.4, you can use device-to-device migration to transfer data directly from your previous device to your new one. You can do this wirelessly, or by connecting the devices together with a cable 3.1 Transfer Non-purchased Music from One Apple ID on iPhone to Computer. In order to solve transfer music from one Apple ID to another thoroughly, you first need to transfer the non-purchased songs to computer via iTransfer for later use. Step 1. Launch Leawo iTransfer. Connect your iPhone with computer and then launch the program Byteguy Platinum Product Expert 8/9/19 I'm sorry, it's not possible to transfer any content (apps, movies, music, books, or unspent credits) from one account to another. As you've discovered. you.. Ensure that both iPhones are signed in with the same Apple ID and are connected to Wi-Fi. On both phones, open Settings, tap your name, then tap iCloud. Move the Contacts slider to on/green. This step will upload your contacts to iCloud if they're not already there

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Part 3: Transfer One iCloud Account to Another on Mac. Similar to Windows PC& you can transfer data from iCloud to another iCloud through the Mac PC. Step 1: First& log onto your Apple iCloud ID on the web browser. Download the photos you want to transfer to the other iCloud account Definitely, you could transfer the app with iCloud. Using iCloud to transfer apps from an old iPhone to a new iPhone is convenient as long as you have made the latest backup. This method is a process of backing up your previous iPhone to iCloud, t..

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  1. You can easily learn how to transfer contacts from one iPhone to another (like iPhone 12 or iPhone 12 Pro) by using iCloud syncing. It takes very little time, and all it needs is one apple account signed in to both your source and target iPhones at a time. Just follow these steps properly-Merge Contact
  2. If not, change one of them and log in with the same Apple ID. Step 2: Open your iPhone and then launch Settings app, which is a grey icon from your home screen. Step 3: In Settings app, scroll down to find iBooks and then tap on it. Step 4: In iBooks interface, scroll down to find Sync Bookmarks and Notes option
  3. Let's get it on. Method 1. The Direct Way to Transfer Contacts from One Apple ID to Another. 1. Before signing out the iCloud account A on your iPhone, go to Settings > [your name] > iCloud > Turn off Contacts > Choose Keep on My iPhone. (You can also choose to turn off other toggles as per your needs.) 2
  4. Apple Migration Assistant can be used to just import a single account from another device or a backup. Your account and associated files from your old machine are now ready on the new one
  5. To transfer a file between two user accounts on your Mac, all you need to do is move it to one of the three folders below. When another user logs in, they should be able to see the shared files from their own account. Drop Box. Placing a file in another user's Drop Box is the best way to share files without adding any restrictions to them
  6. Break the restrictions of iTunes, such as one-way transfer, erase the original data, cannot select the transfer data, etc. Manage the media files, add/convert/edit media files, and even organize your iTunes library in clicks. Sync files to PC/iTunes/another iOS devices in one click. Download for Win Download for Ma

How to share excerpts from a book. With Books, you can share an excerpt from a book with someone else, and a link to the book in the Book Store comes along for the ride. Here's how: In a book, drag across the text you'd like to share. In the menu that appears next to the selection, tap the arrow button until the Share button is visible. Tap Share If their Apple ID is still linked to the iPhone, you'll just be able to use your Apple ID in the App Store. Things like iCloud and Find My iPhone will be paired to the other person's ID

When two Macs are within Bluetooth range of each other, Apple's built-in AirDrop feature may help with file transfer. It's most useful when transferring one file at a time, and isn't perfect for larger files or folders. But when you need to send an image or document from one Mac to another in the same vicinity, AirDrop is a very decent tool Even then, Apple will not simply transfer the credit from one Apple ID to another. They will insist on closing the deceased's account entirely, and then they will issue a check for any credit on the account. For various personal reasons, we weren't ready to close his account yet, so the credit is still there

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Sign out of all Apple features and services that you use with your current Apple ID. Make sure that the email address you want to use for your Apple ID meets these conditions: The email address is one that you use regularly, because it will be the primary email address for your Apple ID. The email address is not associated with any other Apple ID Transfer data between Android, iOS, and Windows phones. Move contacts, photos, music, videos, calendar, voice mail, and more from one phone to another. Compatible with 6000+ mobile phones, including iPhone, Samsung, HTC, Huawei, Xiaomi, and more. Move safely without resetting devices or deleting original data. Method 1. Sharing Apps Between iPhone and iPad with iCloud Account If you have been using iCloud (Apple's online service) to back up your iOS data, you can transfer apps between iPhone and iPad.It is recommended that you manually trigger a backup before you can share apps, especially if it has been a long time since you last backed up your data on iCloud If you use iCloud to back up your iPad, you can transfer everything to your new iPad wirelessly. However, before you do that, you'll want to trigger one last manual backup on your old iPad to make sure you get everything as up-to-date as possible on your new device. Open Settings on your old iPad. Tap the Apple ID banner. Tap iCloud Method 1. Transfer Contacts from iPhone to iPhone with iMyFone iTransor. iMyFone iTransor, previously named D-Port Pro, is one of the top apps that has been smartly designed to offer you a plethora of different features.It is mainly used to back up your iOS devices and restore any backup files to your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch selectively without overwriting the other data

2. Transfer Data from iPad to iPad with iCloud Syncing. Step 1. On your old iPad, tap on Settings apps. Step 2. Click your Apple ID's profile and then select iCloud. Step 3. Select the categories you want to transfer and then tap on it to turn it on one by one. Step 4. Wait for the process to finish. Method 4. Transfer Data from iPad to iPad. Method 1: How to Transfer Data from iPhone to iPhone with MobileTrans - Phone Transfer MobileTrans-Phone Transfer is a powerful program that provides an ideal platform to transfer data or other files across Android, iOS, and Windows devices. The intuitive and user-friendly interface makes it stress-free to transfer all kinds of data from your old phone to the new one Part 2. Transfer Contacts from iPhone to Another iPhone with iCloud Apple offers users to save their iPhone data online using iCloud services, you can use it to sync their contacts or some other types of supported data to cloud automatically using mobile data or Wi-Fi. Follow the steps to transfer contacts from iPhone to iPhone. 1

Also, since Apple only provides 5 GB of free space for each account, make sure that you have enough storage on your iPad. Once you are ready, follow these steps to learn how to transfer data from one iPad to another via iCloud. Step 1. To start with, just unlock your iPad, go to its Settings, and tap on your Apple ID 3. Using iCloud Syncing to Transfer Contacts from One iPhone to Another. Sharing contacts by iCloud Syncing is a method perfect for users who utilize the same Apple ID on both iPhones. You can use it for the contact transfer from you old iPhone to a new one. See the steps below: Log into your iCloud account for both iPhones

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Hold Ctrl on your keyboard and click books you want to transfer. After that, right click the selected books to choose Transfer to > My Computer. 3. Transfer books from iPad to computer. A dialogue will pop up and check Save to folder, then clicking on Change to take a look at folders on computer and choose a destination folder The Apple Volume Purchase Program (VPP) has been integrated into Apple Business Manager. Apple Business Manager is a portal for admins to deploy Apple devices and acquire content in volume. Content may include apps, books, and custom apps. Location tokens are used to assign and manage licenses purchased using Apple Business Manager If you want to speed up the process, open Keychain and go through the list one by one instead of just using your computer normally. Method 2. Transfer Safari Passwords to New Mac - Using Native Apple Feature. Along with the tighten security, Apple also improves the way users can transfer Safari password to new Mac

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  1. Apple introduced iCloud back in 2011 and its cloud service can be used to easily transfer contacts from one device to another. But if you don't use iCloud, don't worry, as you can always use.
  2. So How to transfer contacts from iPhone to iPhone with iCloud? Now tap on back up. When your backup is done, turn off your phone. Start your new phone. Then slide to set up. After that, select the restore option from iCloud backup. Then sign in with your Apple Id. Tap next. Then agree to the terms and conditions and confirm
  3. Ok. So for a long time I had an apple id (last time that I had used it was on an iphone 4). My wife continue to use it, but now she wants her own. So I have created her a new apple ID, but I dont know how to transfer the contacts that she has created and backup on the icloud account. Any ideas? Thank
  4. Move both iPhones next to one another and make sure they're turned on with plenty of battery life. Swipe up or click the Home button on your new iPhone. On your old iPhone, you should see a Set Up New iPhone prompt. Make sure the Apple ID is correct, then tap Continue

You will find many ways to transfer PDF files to iPad & iPhone. One way is to do it using Apple Books, a default app on your Mac and iOS devices. But . . . since Apple is all 'exclusive' about its devices, you can only transfer PDF from Macbook to iPad. Meaning that can't add PDF to iPad or iPhone from a Windows PC Go to the icloud.com and sign in with your Apple ID. Click Contacts. Here, you'll see the contacts synced with your iCloud account. You'll be able to transfer them to your new iPhone. Follow the steps above to transfer contacts to a new iPhone with the iCloud backup. If you have no contacts saved in iCloud, you may still have an iTunes backup Transfer Options. The transfer options allow you to customize what data and apps you want to transfer. Tip: If you are transferring your device to another device which has already some data on it, we advise to check the option Erase target device(s). This will prevent potential conflicts with the Apple ID already configured on your target device On Mac computer. Click System Preference from the Dock and choose iCloud. Click Options next to Keychain. Click Change Security Code and enter your new code. In the case that you cannot find the Approve with Security Code option on iPhone, you can go to another device that uses iCloud Keychain

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How to Transfer Contacts from iPhone to iPhone with iCloud. Next up is iCloud. Using iCloud is great if you don't have much space on your computer. Storing files in iCloud means they are stored by Apple, and you can access the data stored on any device which uses your Apple ID After receiving the CSV file, we can start to transfer Outlook contacts to iPhone. Step 1. From a computer where the contacts are stored, create a new email with the CSV file attachment that you exported from Outlook. Step 2. Send the CSV file attachment to yourself at the email address setup on the iPhone

Apple. First, confirm you have the latest iOS ® software version on both of your devices. To make sure: Go to Settings, then tap General. Tap Software Update. If you see Download and Install, download the latest version. Next, use Apple QuickStart if you're transferring from iOS to iOS Plug your iPhone into your computer. Attach the USB end of the cable to your computer, then attach the other end of the cable to your iPhone's charging port. Open iTunes. Click or double-click the iTunes app icon, which resembles a multicolored musical note on a white background. Click the iPhone icon Now, let's go over porting your phone number from your old iPhone to your new iPhone and how to switch iPhones seamlessly, by quickly transferring all your data to your new iPhone. Before you begin, unpair your Apple Watch (if you have one) from your old iPhone, and make sure you know your iPhone passcode, Apple ID, and password. Then It can be rather upsetting to lose your Hay Day farm and we definitely don't want this to happen to you. A few things you can do to make sure this doesn't happen is to have your own device, one farm and one Game Center account. Game Center is an app for Apple devices that is used to connect and create challenges with friends. Most importantly Game Center save game data and it is the safest. If you want to transfer your contacts from one iPhone to another, start by opening the old iPhone's settings and tapping on your Apple ID. In the second section of the menu, click iCloud, then slide the Contacts slider to the On position. Next, scroll down to iCloud Backup to make sure it's on, and click Back Up Now

Apple One is an all‑in‑one subscription that bundles up to six Apple services. It's the easiest way to get your favorite Apple services at one incredible price — and get even more enjoyment out of your Apple devices. Apple One includes the best services to keep you entertained and informed, as well as iCloud storage for your photos. how-can-i-automatically-transfer-audible-content-to-my-apple-device. Answer. Answer. Connect your device to your computer and open iTunes. Click on the device icon to the right of the selection menu, on the upper left side of iTunes. Check Sync only checked songs and videos . If the option is grayed out, uncheck the option Manually manage music.

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Switch to the direction you wish to transfer data, and click Next. Step 2. MobiMover enables you to transfer the whole or specific iPhone data files directly without using iTunes. You can check the boxes to sync whatever data you need with ease. Click Transfer to initiate the process. Step 3. Now it begins to transfer data from iPhone A to. Syncios iOS Data Transfer, designed for transferring data among iOS devices, iCloud, iTunes and computer directly, makes it much easier to transfer data including WhatsApp messages from an old iPhone to a new one. Yes, you can take only three steps to WhatsApp messages from one iPhone to another iPhone MarketWatch provides the latest stock market, financial and business news. Get stock market quotes, personal finance advice, company news and more AnyTrans - Apple ID Data Mover. Transfer data from one Apple ID to another directly. Transfer contacts, photos, notes, and more from Apple ID to Apple ID. Superfast transferring speed, greatly save your time. You can view, upload, export and deleted data in iCloud with it When you see a message that verification is complete, you can start using your updated Apple ID. Update the features and services that you use with Apple ID, so that each one is using your updated Apple ID. If you need to change the Apple ID that's signed in to your iOS device, use these steps to sign out, then back in with a different Apple ID

How to Send an Apple Book as a Gift. Open the Books app. Tap Search. Enter the title of a book or the name of an author. Select the relevant search result or tap Search. When you find the book you're looking for, tap the cover. Select the gift icon. Enter the email address of the recipient. You can also include a message How to Change the Apple ID to a Different One. The procedure above applies if you wanted to change the email address linked to your Apple ID, but if you want to simply log out of the Apple account that you are currently using on your Mac and log back in using a different Apple ID, you can do that by going through the following steps

Whether restoring a compromised iPhone from a backup or setting up a new one, doing a direct copy of all the data is the easiest way to get going. Here's how If you've purchased apps, music, videos, audiobooks, and other items using this Apple ID, you might have to figure out how one party reimburses the other for stuff they want to keep and still use If you're a Windows 7 or 8.1 holdout, you can transfer files from one computer to another through HomeGroup. Once both computers are linked, open Windows Explorer and navigate to C:\Users. Apple IDs are free and easy to set up. Do this on either device, and then to your new Apple ID on the other device under Messages. Go to Settings.app -> Messages -> Send & Receive; Tap: Use your Apple ID for iMessage or Apple ID: [example]@me.com Create a new account or log into your own Apple ID

In order to transfer a book from your collection of DRM-free ebooks onto your personal Kindle or to someone else's, you'll need a micro-USB cable—probably the same one you use to charge your. However, you cannot transfer your character data from one server to another. Check Out How To Change Server Here PS4 Accounts Can Be Transferred Starting 2.0. It has been announced in the 2.0 Livestream that you can now link your PSN account to your Mihoyo account enabling you to transfer your data from various devices Part 1. How to transfer apps from iPhone to iPhone with iCloud. As Apple claims that iCloud backups purchase history from Apple services like music, movies, apps and books. So if you made iPhone backup, then you could easily move apps from iPhone to another iPhone with iCloud. Backup iPhone apps to iCloud. Firstly, you need to back up iPhone to.

If you are also looking for a way to transfer iPhone to iPhone without iCloud or iTunes, here is the right place. In this post I will introduce you three ways to transfer photos, contacts, music, and other data from one iPhone to another without iCloud. Transfer Data from iPhone to iPhone 12/11/SE(2nd Gen) using Mobile Tran Part 1. How to Transfer iTunes Purchases to Another Account. Step 1: The first thing you'll need to do is move your music to a public location, so other users can access it. Select your iTunes Media folder (located in /Music/iTunes on a Mac or \Users\ (username)\My Music\iTunes on Windows). Make sure you only select the iTunes Media Folder. Here are three ways to transfer Apple # Notes on your # iPhone to the # Google Keep app. Although the process takes a bit of time, it gets the job done. Although the process takes a bit of time. Enter your Apple ID into the next money. Go to your new computer and click the Store tab and then Authorize Computer. Enter the same Apple ID and turn on Home Sharing on this computer. A menu will appear with different media types, like Books and Music. Click the type of media that you want to share and then select. App Store Connect. App Store Connect is a suite of web-based tools for managing apps sold on the App Store for iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple Watch, Apple TV, and iMessage. As a member of the Apple Developer Program, you'll use App Store Connect to submit and manage apps, invite users to test with TestFlight, add tax and banking information, access sales reports, and more

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  1. From the New iPad. At the Set Up iPad screen, choose Restore from iCloud Backup and tap Next. Login to your iCloud account and choose the most recent backup from the old iPad you just made. Tap on Restore to transfer the data from the old iPad backup to the new iPad. How long the transfer takes depends on how much stuff.
  2. If not, consult this guide to figure out how to set one up. Step 1: Firstly, enable Home Sharing in iTunes. Make sure that you have signed in with your Apple ID, and that all the devices you want.
  3. Enter your Apple ID password and tap Turn Off. Devices running iOS 10.2 or earlier- open Settings > tap iCloud > Sign Out. Tap Sign Out again, then Delete from My iPhone (you may need to enter your Apple ID password). Finally, go to Settings > iTunes & App Store > Apple ID > Sign Out. Wipe the iPhone content
  4. Step 5 Tap on 'Transfer from iPhone' module to directly transfer old iPhone data to iPhone 11. If you're using the wired method, once the transfer icon shows like this means your devices are connected. You can also choose whether you want to sync place, other privacy, Apple Pay and Siri settings to iPhone 11
  5. To back up your Safari bookmarks, copy the Bookmarks.plist file to a new location. You can do this in one of two ways. Open a Finder window and navigate to Home Directory / Library / Safari . With OS X Lion, Apple hid the Home Directory/Library folder, but you can still access the Library folder in a variety of ways
  6. EaseUS MobiMover is a versatile tool that combines an iOS data transfer tool, a video downloader, and an iPhone unlock tool in a single program. With it, you will be able to: Transfer Files between an iPhone/iPad and a computer, be it a PC, Mac or laptop; Transfer data from one iPhone/iPad to another

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  1. One app that provides a complete solution is Easy Backup. By following the steps below, you'll be able to move your iPhone address book to any internet-enabled device you like: iPhone Contact Transfer Apps. Download Easy Backup from the iOS store. Sign up to Easy Backup using your email address, Facebook or Google account details
  2. No, You Cant transfer google play purchases to another account. Wait, You have an alternative for this. You can share your google play purchases with atmost 5 accounts using Google play family. Manage your family on Google As the family manager, y..
  3. Then tap Settings > Apple ID Profile > iCloud and switch Safari OFF, choose to Delete from My iDevice if your data exists on one or more of your computers or choose to Keep on My iDevice if you're unsure, then wait 20-30 seconds, then turn back ON. Finally restart all devices, including Macs. Hope that helps, S
  4. From there, you can transfer the AppleCare+ coverage to your new device. Of course, the 30-day timeframe limits the usefulness. But it's still there as an option if you need it. As far as how to transfer AppleCare from one device to another, the process is basically the same as transferring AppleCare+ to a new owner
  5. Upgrading from an old Apple Watch to a new Apple Watch isn't as easy as just buying one and putting it on. There's not much more involved, but what you do have to do is important to get right.

The best way is to use Migration Assistant. When you turn your new Mac on for the first time you are prompted to move everything over from your old Mac. That is Migration Assistant. If you don't accept the offer to move right away, you can run Migration Assistant from your Applications > Utilities folder. How to move your content to a new Mac. Quicken for Mac. Step 1: Install Quicken on your new computer. Step 2: Put a copy of your Quicken file on an external disk. On your old computer, open Quicken and select File > Save a Backup . Backup your data file to an external drive or disc, such as a USB drive, that you can use to move this backup to your new computer. Step 3: Restore your. Click the 'Export' button and choose the location on your PC where you want to save the file. After exporting the CSV file, logout from the source Gmail account and Login using the account credentials of the new account. Here's instead of 'Export' choose the 'Import' option, select the CSV file and click Import The easiest way to transfer your data from your old phone to your new one is using Smart Switch. There are three easy methods to transfer your data: via Wi-Fi, using a USB cable or using a PC or Mac. You can find Smart Switch on your Samsung phone by going to: Settings > Cloud and accounts > Smart Switc How to Transfer Photos to a New iPhone Using iCloud. In the dark days of Apple, you needed a Mac or PC to transfer photos from iPhone to iPhone. Nowadays, the process is way easier. The lingo may be new, but the iCloud method is the simplest way to transfer photos from your old iPhone to a new iPhone

Another way to create new Apple ID is via the App Store on your Mac: Click Store from the top menu bar; Choose Sign In; Select the Create Apple ID from the sign-in pop-up; Reset Apple password you forgot. There are a few reasons to change the Apple password: for example, if you forgot Apple ID password or if it was compromised In macOS 15 Catalina, start with the Apple ID preference pane, click the Overview link at left, and then click Sign Off. Follow prompts to confirm. In macOS 14 Mojave and earlier, open the iCloud. When prompted, enter the email address and password you use for your Apple ID account to access your iCloud backups. 5. Choose your most recent backup to restore. Now, select the most recent backup you just created to load that data to your new device. 6. Wait for the transfer to complete, then get started with your new device

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Airdrop is Apple's amazing way to quickly transfer files between iPhone and Mac. Connect your iPhone and Mac to the same Wi-Fi network, then simply choose a file and share it via Airdrop. If you need to export a long list of contacts, consider a different method , as you can only Airdrop 1 file at a time Outlook. You'll have to export the Address Book from the desktop then import it into Outlook on the laptop. 1) On your desktop click File -> Export -> Address Book. 2) Select the Comma Seperated Values (Windows) as your output format. 3) Select the folder you want to export - in this case Contacts. 4) Type a name for your file. This will require a lightning cable to physically connect the iPhone to the PC. Connect your iPhone to your PC via USB. In the iTunes app, click the Device button near the top left of the iTunes.

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‎Contact Mover & Account Sync allows you to quickly and easily sync or move contacts between any pair of iPhone or iPad contact accounts. This app can be used in a number of creative ways. For instance, you can merge your corporate Exchange contacts into your personal local address book or vice Next, open a browser on your Windows 10 PC and log in to the iCloud website with your Apple ID. Click Contacts.. Select a contact on the following screen. If you only want to export one contact, click the gear icon in the bottom-left corner, and then select Export vCard in the pop-up menu Sign in with your Apple ID. Use the same Apple ID you use with other iCloud services on your iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, and other Macs so you can sync services across devices. If you don't already have an Apple ID, you can create one on your Mac at a later time or sign up through your iPhone or iPad

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Enter your Apple ID and Password. Click or tap the arrow to log in. Verify your identity with two-factor authentication if it's enabled. In the Account section, click or tap Edit next to Reachable At. Click or tap Change Apple ID under your Apple ID. Enter the new email address. Click or tap Continue How to transfer photos and videos from one phone to another. It's not just new phones that need you to transfer items. Sometimes you may simply need to transfer photos and videos between your devices. This means you won't be doing it during the main set up of the new phone How fast is the transfer speed? I'd like to be using this card reader along with JPEG & RAW files from a 36MP camera. Asked by Richard G; 20 Feb 2016 Flag as inappropriate How fast is the transfer speed? I'd like to be using this card reader along with JPEG & RAW files from a 36MP camera

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