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Create your Dream Garden with our Plants. Free UK Delivery on Eligible Orders Shop A Complete Range Of Organic Pumpkin Seeds, Tried and Tested In Our Own Gardens. Browse Our Autumn 2021 Range. Huge Choice Of Products From The Organic Gardening Catalogu Here it is, the gigantic pumpkin that holds the world's record for size (1,810 pounds) If you want to grow the pumpkin of your dreams, Dill's Atlantic Giant is the variety you must grow. It's easy to grow 400- to 500-pound golden-orange fruits with this amazing variety Excellent for fall displays, the huge pumpkins are pale orange with a pink tinge. 50 to 100 pounders are commonly grown. Fertile soil, irrigation, wide spacing (70 or more sq.ft./plant), and limiting each long-vined plant to one fruit commonly results in 200 to 300 pounders, though it has been known to grow even larger

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  1. Pumpkin, Atlantic Giant. The pumpkin of pumpkins. Grows up to 200 lb. Over the last 30 years, this here gigantic pumpkin has earned miles of blue ribbons in growing contests. Proudly descended from several strains of prize-winning Mammoth pumpkins that go back centuries and were legends in their day. Given the right conditions-proper care and.
  2. Monday-Friday 9-5 AST (one hour ahead of EST) 902-798-2728. Email; howarddill@yahoo.ca. SEED ORDERS. Orders can be placed the following ways: By Phone 902-798-2728. By MailPlease print off order form and mail to: Howard Dill Enterprises. 400 College Road
  3. Even without special treatment, you get eye-popping 200- to 300-lb. squash-type pumpkins with flavorful orange flesh. Tips for growing giant pumpkins free with every order. 120 DAYS. Seed Counts: 1/2 oz. of pumpkin seeds contains about 65-150 seeds and sows a 100-ft. row
  4. Atlantic Giant Pumpkin is an heirloom, giant pumpkin variety that regularly produces fruits over 200 lbs. Can be used for carving, decorating or just bragging! Fun to grow with kids. C. maxima. 120 days to maturity. 30 seeds per packe
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Dill's Atlantic Giant pumpkin seeds hold the world record for giant pumpkins, and produce the largest fruit in the plant kingdom. Bred in eastern Canada by Howard Dill, Atlantic Giant can reach 1,000 lbs or more! The record is 2,624.6 lbs - updated for 2020! The really big ones look like big orange Volkswagen Beetles Dill's Atlantic Giant Pumpkin Seeds Monster Pumpkin!!! Can Grow to 1600 lbs To grow a giant pumpkin, you have to choose the right seed. Atlantic giant is the best variety and all world records of the past 20 years were grown with it. The very best genetics are not available in stores, they are traded on auctions with prices up to 500 Dollar each. The seeds also have names While there are a number of giant pumpkin cultivars, 'Dill's Atlantic Giant' seeds are readily available through garden centers and online sources. You may also find giant pumpkin plants for sale..

We also offer free giant pumpkin seeds with each DVD/Video order, often from pumpkins over 1,000 pounds! I first started producing videos in 1992, the year I established a New World Record for Giant Pumpkins at 827-pounds. The size of pumpkins has increased tremendously since then. In fact, I have grown a total of 40 pumpkins over 1,000-pounds The granddaddy of them all, Atlantic Giant can tip the scales at over 800 pounds. This buff colored, heirloom squash has taken first prize for size in contests all over the US. Rambling vines easily reach 15 feet and set 2-4 fruit per plant. Approximately 2-3 seeds per gram Atlantic Seeds the Best Giant Pumpkin & Vegetable - Seeds We encourage Children to Grow Vegetables and Enter into Competitions. If your child has grown a vegetable of notability please encourage them. Thankyou all for entering our online pumpkin competition for 2021 Your bed is now ready to support that massive pumpkin! Sowing Seeds. If you live in USDA Hardiness Zones 2-5, you'll want to sow 'Atlantic Giant' seeds indoors two to four weeks before your area's average last frost date. Gardeners in Zones 6-9 can sow seeds directly into the mound at least two weeks after their area's last frost date

Get your pumpkins ready…it’s the Great Pumpkin Boat RacePumpkin Seeds - Kakai (Hull-less Seeds) - HeirloomGiant pumpkins are a big (very, very big) growing trend in

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The Grand-Daddy of giant pumpkins. The present record for this amazing variety is now over 1000 lbs. This is the one to grow for giant pumpkin contests. It consistently produces 400 to 500 lb. fruits with proper growing procedures. Perfect for huge jack-o'-lanterns and fall displays. Fruits vary from yellow to orange. Detailed growing tips included. 60 to 85 seeds per ounce Dill's Atlantic Giant Pumpkin Seeds: 120 days. Produced current world record holder (over 2,000 lbs). Shell is fairly smooth with ribs. Medium orange in color

Pumpkin Atlantic Giant (Cucurbita maxima) Huge exhibition sized pumpkins which repeatedly holds the world record, red-orange skin, not the best eating variety, good stock feed. 120 days. Seed count: 2/g. Available options: Eden Seeds. Packet (7 seeds) $3.70. Qty. Update cart A basic guide to growing giant pumpkins Includes Hilda Dill's famous pumpkin pie recipe! $2.50 Each Growing Tip Book with one packet Atlantic Giant Seed $5.50 Howard Dill Enterprises RR#1 400 College Road Windsor, Nova Scotia Canada BON 2T0 Mail Order Only Tel: (902) 798-2728 8am - 4pm Eastern Time. HomePage | Order. Since 1992, Giants of the Garden has been supplying gardeners and retailers with the highest quality giant vegetable seeds and world class giant pumpkins for display. With special permission from Howard Dill Enterprises, Giants of the Garden is proud to offer the King of Giant Pumpkin seeds, the Dill's Atlantic Giant

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Giant Pumpkin Seeds These seeds are from pumpkins of 500-700 pounds. Most of these pumpkins had parents that were over 1,000 pounds. Also check out our website for other available proven seeds. 6 seeds per packet One-thousand-plus pound pumpkins generally result from high-pedigree hybrid seeds, which circulate among the most serious growers and cost from $10 to $100 or more per seed. But virtually all giant pumpkins are descended from a variety called Dill's Atlantic Giant, which is widely available from seed companies and sells for typical seed prices Atlantic Giant Pumpkin Seed Starting. Follow The Pumpkin Man's growing tips on denverpumpkins.com. Everything is covered from seed starting to pumpkin patch soil preparation to secret growing techniques. Start Growing Giant Pumpkins Dill's Atlantic Giant Pumpkin-DESCRIPTION The Grand-Daddy of them all! World's record for size - 1,810 lbs! It is easy to grow 400-500 lb. golden-ora

Starting Pumpkin Seeds. To grow a truly giant pumpkin it's very important to start off with the right seed. Good genetics is vital if you're trying to end up with a potential prize winner. The seed to have is from an Atlantic Giant, and the best seeds can be bought on the internet or acquired direct from a past grower We recommend Dill's Atlantic Giant pumpkin seeds. Neat Sites: Top Ten Secrets to Growing Record Sized Pumpkins; Growing Pumpkins; Pumpkin Carvings- See pictures of huge pumpkin carvings, send an email with your giant pumpkin carving, to show off yours Feature Grower Check. Great taste and fun shape. Seeds inspected and marked. Dill's Atlantic Giant Pumpkin Packet of 10 seeds from hand pollinated pumpkins from our larger specimens out of the Competition Patch. Yes, we inspect every one of these seeds too. It may be a tedious process, but it means the best seeds for our customers. Sunflowers - Green Goliath

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  1. Pumpkin Atlantic Giant. NZ $4.95. Description. These open pollinated giants have yellow to orange flesh and a fairly smooth medium orange shell with wide ribs. Developed in Nova Scotia for producing extremely large fruit that weigh 180 kg or more. The World Record as at October 2011 was 825kg, grown in Canada
  2. 11. When a pumpkin has reached the size of a basketball, choose the best pumpkin on main vine and remove all other pumpkins and flowers. This ensures the plant feeds just one pumpkin and allows it to grow into a giant. It will grow very fast and can grow up to 22.5 kg a day at peak growth. 12. As it grows, bury vines to encourage roots along.
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Atlantic Giant Pumpkin Seeds. Availability: Size. 2 g ~5-8 seeds 1/4 LB ~325 seeds 1 LB ~1,300 seeds $3.14. Quantity: Add to cart C.maxima (120 days) This is the pumpkin you see on the news around Halloween that takes a forklift to move it. Atlantic Giants easily average 400-500lbs and with a little tender loving care you could compete for the. The Atlantic Giant pumpkin variety is the best variety for growing a giant pumpkin. I have grown them a few times over the past five years and I have had great results overall. In 2002 I grew a 220 pound pumpkin. This variety requires fertile, loose, and well drained soil in a sunny location

Atlantic Giant Pumpkin (Treated Seed) $ 8.46 - $ 2,274.25. This is the largest. The pumpkin that wins contests for size. Package Weight. Choose an option 1/2 OZ 4 OZ 1 LB 5 LB 25 LB Clear. Atlantic Giant Pumpkin (Treated Seed) quantity. Add to cart There is some debate over the exact origin of the 'Atlantic Giant' pumpkin. We do know that four-time giant pumpkin world champion, the late Howard Dill of Nova Scotia, Canada, made selections for size and structure in the 1970s and 1980s and was awarded PVP protection (since expired) back in 1986. [1] Mr

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  1. Limiting the long vines to one fruit each can result in mammoth pumpkins. PUMPKIN, ATLANTIC GIANT The store will not work correctly in the case when cookies are disabled
  2. 130 days. Cucurbita maxima. Almost every massive prize-winning Pumpkin ever grown can be traced back to Dill's Atlantic Giant Pumpkin seed. This is the go-to variety for growing jumbo Pumpkins. The world record biggest Pumpkin, by the way, was grown by German grower Mathia Willemijn in 2016. It weighed in at 2,624.6 pounds--Wowzers! While that behemoth was likely grown from a private strain of.
  3. tlantic Giant Pumpkin. Days: 120. Description: Very large. Various shapes. Rind is light red-orange. Deep ribs.Capable of producing huge pumpkins under suitable growing conditions. World's Largest Pumpkin is of this variety. Allow for plenty of room to grow
  4. Goliath Giant pumpkin seeds and Atlantic Giant pumpkin seeds are readily available. This will get you started. After a year or two of learning and attending the giant pumpkin weighoffs, you will come in contact with growers, who can give you some of the best genetic seeds available. The very best genetics are not available in stores
  5. Starting Indoors: 3-4 weeks before last frost. Sow 2-3 seeds per cells/pots, thin to strongest seedling. We like to use individual biodegradable paper, peat, or cow pots because it provides the least amount of stress to the roots when transplanting. Transplant after last frost when soil warms to 70 º F. Space 36 - 48 apart, in rows 48-60.
  6. The Best Seed to Grow a Giant Pumpkin is Atlantic Giant. This is the seed you want. Anything else might give you a nice looking pumpkin, but probably won't grow very big. Where did this seed come from? A Canadian grower by the name of Howard Dill bred this seed. After many years of crossing it with other seeds, he got the traits he was after

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  1. Atlantic Giant Pumpkin Seeds Reviews. 2 reviews. Nice healthy vines. 5 out of 5 stars Aug 6, 2020. We haven't reached the end of the growing season in August in zone 7, but we've got a volleyball sized pumpkin on one vine and baseball sized pumpkin on the other. Big, healthy, vines have been disease and mildew resistant and have stood up to a.
  2. Produce record size pumpkins in your backyard! The present World Record is over 1,600 pounds!Since 1979 U.S. and Canadian gardeners have been producing fairy-tale-size giant pumpkins thanks to the decades of experimentation of Pumpkin Pioneer, Howard Dill (1934-2008). Mr. Dill, a four ti..
  3. You can buy Atlantic Giant Pumpkins seed at any licensed retailer or seed distributor. Check your local major nursery store. You can buy the seeds via mail order by reading the Secrets page. Top of Page. How do I enter a contest? Join a local Society that is defined on the Unofficial Giant Pumpkin page
  4. Here is your chance to own some of 2-time Guinness World Record holder and 3-time World Champion Ron Wallace's giant pumpkin seeds. All giant pumpkin seeds from the Wallace's Private Stock collection are world class genetics, hand pollinated by Ron Wallace himself! Free growing tip sheet included

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  1. 1271.00 Karadza 2020. These seeds have tremendous genetic potential. The 2114 Wallace has grown a 2294 lb , a 2276 and over 10 pumpkins 1000 + pounds.This pumpkin plant was completely out of control do to not pruning in the later part of the season and I did not do a soil test either
  2. Atlantic Giant Pumpkin Seeds; Product Search. Search. Recently viewed. 99 Cent Bargains! Mammoth Grey Striped Sunflower Seeds. $0.99. Black Seeded Simpson Lettuce Seeds. $0.99. Purple Top White Globe Turnip Seeds. $0.99. Detroit Dark Red Beet Root Seeds. $0.99. Rutgers Tomato Seeds. $0.99. Roma Paste Tomato Seeds
  3. ATLANTIC GIANT PUMPKIN SEEDS - 5 SEEDS Atlantic Giant Pumpkin - 5 Seeds 130 days. It is not uncommon for this pumpkin to weigh 1,000+ pounds. The average weight of these is 200 pounds, but they have been know to go over 2000 pounds. These plants spread out far and need alot of room. These pumpkins
  4. Atlantic Giant Pumpkin seeds are often grown for exhibition, and can be grown to record sizes of over 1000 pounds! The pumpkins have a smooth orange skin, and the orange flesh can also be used for cooking. It takes about 120 days to grow one of these enormous pumpkins

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1 LB, 1 OZ, 1/4 LB, 10 seeds. 0 out of 5. Reviews. There are no reviews yet. Be the first to review Atlantic Giant Pumpkin Cancel reply. You must be logged in to post a comment. Related products. OG Casper Pumpkin. 0 out of 5. $2.99. Show Details. Out of stock. Montana Jack Pumpkin. 0 out of 5 The first of the Giant Pumpkin strains, this is the one to grow if you want HUGE pumpkins. Cut back to only one pumpkin per plant and feed and care and see what you can do. These can reach hundreds of pounds with lots of attention and care. Minimum of 10 seeds per packet

Atlantic Giant Pumpkin seeds will begin to sprout open in roughly 7 to 14 days after sowing. The plants will grow to a mature height of 1 to 2 feet tall and 20 to 25 feet long. These plants will need a large area to grow outwards and can be spaced by hills or mounds of dirt, rather than rows Pumpkin Atlantic Giant - 5 lb. $405.00. 13201-14. Pumpkin Atlantic Giant - 10 lb. $697.50. Check Add for the items you wish to purchase, then click. Average Customer Review: 4.5 of 5 Total Reviews: 8 Write a review Dills Atlantic Giant Pumpkin. #03251. Questions? Call 1-800-342-9461. 120 Days. The present record for this amazing variety is now over 1000 lbs. This is the one to grow for giant pumpkin contests and international competitions. It consistently produces 400 to 500 lb fruits with proper growing procedures. Perfect for huge jack-o'-lanterns and. Atlantic Giant Pumpkin Seeds. Competition giant pumpkin seeds with world-class genetics. These aren't your big box store seeds. These seeds are control pollinated to make sure you have the best genetics to grow a potential world-record pumpkin

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Plant pumpkin seeds in a spacious, full-sun location. Ensure that your pumpkin vines have room to spread out; plan for about 400 to 1,000 square feet per bed or hill—a mound of soil that helps trap heat and encourage drainage. For giant pumpkins, each hill should hold no more than two seedlings, but you can plant four or five to begin, then. Atlantic Giant Pumpkin Seeds (360kg+) - 5 Seeds. Regular price $18.00 Sale price $18.00 Sale. Tax included. Quantity must be 1 or more. Add to cart Buy it now More payment options. This packet contains 5 seeds from a pumpkin that grew to 360kg or more, so it gives a high chance of growing a pumpkin of that size, with the right conditions..

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Atlantic Giant Pumpkin Seeds (100kg+) - 5 Seeds. Tax included. This packet contains 5 seeds from a pumpkin that grew to 100kg or more, so it gives a high chance of growing a pumpkin of that size, with the right conditions. Good luck growing a record pumpkin with these seeds. Each Packet contains 5 seeds Description 1869: Ukraine organic seeds Name: Pumpkin Seeds Atlantic giant Weight : 2 g Number of seeds: about 5 seeds Seeds maturation: average Plant weight: up to 150-250 kg Vegetable Form : round Harvest: 120-130 days Color: orange Suitable for growing outside Seeds Longivity: about 2 year

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Giant pumpkin growers have their soil tested in the spring to see if anything needs to be tweaked before the final tilling of the pumpkin patch. 2. Sowing the Seeds. To get a head start on Mother Nature, start your pumpkin seeds indoors in mid-April. Chenier recommends Dills Atlantic Giant variety as the best seeds to use when growing giant. The most recent larger scale study on Atlantic Giant pumpkin plants was done by Don Chambers in his Giant Pumpkin Soil Study, which I believe concluded last year. Charts below are from his study: View Giant Pumpkin Soil Study. From the study of 221 pumpkins this was the average of nutrients in the soil for plants the produced 1,200+ pound pumpkins One of the most difficult parts of growing a giant pumpkin is choosing the right type of seed. If you want to achieve huge results you have to choose seed that can support this. All of the nurturing in the world isn't going to make it possible to grow a thousand-pound pumpkin from a package of miniature pie pumpkin seeds

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Plant pumpkins ½ - 1 deep. For a general rule of thumb plant seed the depth of three times the thickness of the seed. Plant spacing varies depending on fruit size. If planting a large pumpkin give plant approximately 72 sq. ft. of space. Medium sized pumpkins require 30 sq. ft. of space. Pie pumpkins require 24 - 30 sq. ft. of space Use 'Dill's Atlantic Giant' seeds. Competitive growers seek out offspring of the champions, but be aware seeds are expensive - a single seed of a champion has been auctioned for as much as $1,600 To grow really big pumpkins restrict to one fruit and feed regularly with high potassium fertiliser. Sow late March to May in a propagator on a windowsill in a greenhouse/house at approximately 20-25°C (68-78°F) using a quality compost. Cover seeds with 19mm (¾) compost (Germination 5-8 days)

Need conveniently organized info about Giant Pumpkins? Discover Best of the Web's top-rated listings. Find everything for the house and garden, make shopping and improvements easier through our detailed listings of websites, including real estate, pets, gardening, and other sites centered on family and domestic life Atlantic Giant.'Plant in mid­May and allow 150 square feet of area per hill. Thin to the best two plants. High fertility, proper insect control Pumpkin seeds can be gathered and roasted from any pumpkin cultivar. They are used in candy, pipian (a Mexican sauce), for cooking and may be pressed for the high­quality oil of the seed..

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Hybrid pumpkin varieties won't produce seed true to the parent, so only save seeds from nonhybrid varieties like Atlantic Giant. Pumpkins also cross-pollinate with each other, so grow only. One-Pieces, Overalls & Jum Clothing Sets. Uniform Atlantic Giant Pumpkin: The mother of all pumpkins. Leave room in the garden patch for your Dill's Atlantic Giant. (Howard Dill of Nova Scotia bred the Atlantic Giant variety over three decades. Buy Organic Seeds here! https://www.seedsnow.com/?rfsn=3708436.fd9650 #organicgardening#workwithnature#pumpkin

FREE Shipping to the US. Need Seed? The SCGA is the best value on the web. Our Giant Pumpkin Seed Starter Packs are ideal for growers just getting into the hobby. Each Starter Pack contains six (6) Atlantic Giant pumpkin seeds. All SCGA Starter Pack seeds come from pumpkins that weighed >1000lbs, so you know top genetic potential is at your fingertips Approximate seeds per pack: 15 Days till maturity: 120 Annual Full Sun This pumpkin variety holds the world record for the largest pumpkin ever grown. The Atlantic giant pumpkin is known to reach sizes of 500 to 1000 pounds. Each vine will produce one very large pumpkin, or 4 to 6 medium to large size pumpkins easily weighing over 40 pounds each (#'s are weights, parent genetics are listed if known and show the stong genetics of the giant pumpkin seeds). Bill has grown hundreds of giant pumpkins. These seeds are from his giant pumpkins. They are Atlantic Giant pumpkin seeds, a genetic strain of pumpkin seeds, the only seeds that can grow pumpkins over 500 lbs