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Sturdy construction, with poly-vinyl cover and powerful rings, and Sonlight logo on the binding. Includes Sonlight Index Tabs. Retail: $17.99. Add. Sheet of Book Labels Preschool ( TCGL) Designed to help you color-coordinate your classroom binders and books, this sheet of stickers corresponds with your Preschool program. Retail Preschool Curriculum. SonLight Preschool welcomes you! Preschoolers are curious and love to experiment with their surroundings. SonLight takes a hands-on approach to learning. Children are exposed to many different materials and experiences throughout their day. Preschoolers learn through play

SonLight Curriculum Overview SonLight Preschool provides a loving, safe environment that encourages independence. Each teacher develops the classroom curriculum according to the children's needs and interests. New concepts are introduced to the children in fun and creative ways Sonlight's Pre-Kindergarten program bridges the gap between the delightful picture books of Sonlight's Preschool program, and the early chapter books (some with minimal illustrations) and early academics of Sonlight K. Your cart will then be sent to a Sonlight Curriculum Advisor for a free review. You will get a reply in 1 business day. Order the Sonlight preschool package for your student today! With three young ones at home, the time Sonlight saves me from compiling a curriculum myself is definitely worth it! Books are a huge part of our days, and Sonlight is the perfect fit for our book-loving family. Here, Grace (4) waits out a storm with her favorite book of fairy tales Complete Christian homeschool curriculum. Easy-to-use lesson plans, schedules, and materials from preschool through high school. Everything you need to teach your children: homeschool history, math, science, and more! Choose from 4-Day or 5-Day per week programs

Sonlight preschool curriculum is created to be completed 3 times each week. If you choose to follow this relaxed schedule, the curriculum will last for 30 weeks, which is considered a full school year. Each lesson is completely laid out for you! As a teacher, this is invaluable Sonlight is the original literature-based curriculum. We pioneered this style of learning in 1990, and have been thrilled and privileged to provide top-quality education to homeschooling families for the last 30 years. Although all of our products are available for purchase individually, the true Sonlight Experience are our literature-based. 3 rd Grade: Use the unique Diamond Notes to guide your children step-by-step through the process of writing winning paragraphs. Imitate good writing during weekly copywork exercises. 5-Day 4-Day. Matter, Ecosystems, Earth Systems, and Engineering Design: States of matter and elements, animals, plants, and the Earth BIRTH - PRE-SCHOOL PROGRAM (0-7 YEARS) Family Bible Lessons (See below for links to the different lessons) Available by free download or you can purchase a book from Amazon. Family Bible Lessons/FBL, quarterly lessons include Bible lesson, nature information, and character quality for each week Children's Activity Book/CAB (100+ pages to go with the Famil Sonlight Preschool: A Ready-to-Go Curriculum. This curriculum set includes a 30-week approach you can adjust to fit family needs. Remember, the 30 weeks have only three days a week planned — and everything is planned for you! You can choose to spread this out over five days each week or another rhythm

Sonlight sells build-your-own packages (see Option 1) and complete curriculum packages that include every subject (see Option 2) for preschool through high school, but you may also purchase any of the individual items found in the Sonlight packages. Option 1: Customizable Core Package The 2021 update to Sonlight preschool came about because Emme Kim, a Sonlight consultant, reached out with suggestions of how to make it better. Emme Kim, Sonlight consultant Emme is a Sonlight curriculum consultant and the mom to three girls ages 18, 16, and 12 The Sonlight Preschool Curriculum was updated in 2021. It still includes the great literature-rich learning that Sonlight is known for. But it adds more of a Montessori-like approach as well. Your preschooler will not only learn pre-reading, pre-writing, and pre-math skills, but they'll also learn practical life skills such as cutting. Sonlight is a complete, literature-based, Christian homeschool curriculum with every subject for students from Preschool through high school. Our curriculum uses a variety of materials to deliver an engaging and complete education that extends beyond textbooks and memorization: literary fiction and nonfiction, biographies, illustrations, and hands-on experiments Montessori Style Preschool Curriculum from Sonlight. The Montessori style preschool curriculum from Sonlight is chock full of picture books and Montessori-type materials that Little Man and his Mom can enjoy for years to come. Some of the picture books included in this package were well loved favorites in our home

Curriculum. These pages linked below are categorized according to the sections in the Road Map and Route (catalogue), which you can find on the Parents and Teachers page. The Road Map and Route is an overview of our materials and a quick start guide; it is an important book to read through if you are new to SEM. Parents and Teachers. Preschool. Who We Are SonLight Education Ministry (SEM) provides a Bible based Christian homeschooling curriculum that is modeled after the Hebrew system of education. We offer many materials that enable you to design your own unique homeschool program. To learn more about our program check out our ABOUT page. Donate Contact Sharing Free Curriculum We offer our curriculum for free via PD The Sonlight Preschool curriculum includes some basic, hands-on components that are perfect for the 3 and 4-year-old age group. These pieces were carefully curated to pair alongside the read-aloud books for a complete preschool experience. The curriculum introduces letters, shapes, numbers, arts, crafts, life skills, music, Spanish alongside. Sonlight is also a Christian curriculum, and consequently incorporates biblical lessons into their program. Mother Goose Time. Mother Goose offers a research-based preschool curriculum rooted in arts, music, logic, and hands-on learning! Each preschool kit provides everything you'll need to enjoy the projects and activities at home SonLight Preschool at Erlanger Baptist Church provides an individualized Christian curriculum to meet each child's needs. We are conveniently located in Northern Kentucky. Children will grow in awareness that God loves them and that Jesus is a special friend

Sonlight's Brand New Preschool Program. Designed for children ages 3-4, Sonlight's new preschool curriculum includes both picture books and Montessori-type materials.. The books and activities in the preschool pack are a wonderful addition to your homeschool especially if you have or plan to have younger children as you can treasure and enjoy them for years to come The Sonlight Pre-K program, Exploring God's World, is designed to bridge the gap between the Sonlight preschool program and the early chapter books and academics of Sonlight A - perfect for ages 4-5.This level gently expands learning time from primarily picture books into gentle teaching. Pre-K includes delightful imaginative literature while starting to develop your children's knowledge of. Sonlight Preschool Literature-Rich Homeschool Curriculum. Sonlight is known for its literature-rich curriculum. A child with a stack of books next to them is typically the image that comes to mind when I think of Sonlight. Their preschool curriculum is no exception. Picture books, story books, books with good morals and values

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Sonlight is an wonderful literature based curriculum program. Check out my review of the Sonlight Preschool program. The program I am reviewing has a copyrig.. Sonlight Curriculum provides quality, literature-rich K-12 Christian homeschool curriculum and related educational products, resources, and programs. Sonlight is a Christian company specializing in literature-based homeschool curriculum programs which selects engaging books and readers that cover topics such as Bible, history, language arts, handwriting, math, science, and more. They provide. Sonlight does not offer evaluations such as tests and quizzes. It may be difficult for large families to teach different ages. You might like Sonlight Preschool Curriculum as well... Preschool is enjoyed by just cuddling and reading on mother's lap

Sonlight is a complete, literature-based, Christian homeschool curriculum with every subject for students from Preschool through high school. Our curriculum uses a variety of materials to deliver an engaging and complete education that extends beyond textbooks and memorization: literary fiction and nonfiction, biographies, illustrations, and. Toddler Curriculum SonLight Preschool welcomes you! Preschoolers are curious and love to experiment with their surroundings. SonLight takes a hands-on approach to learning. Children are exposed to many different materials and experiences throughout their day. Preschoolers learn through play The recommended age and grade ranges for all Sonlight programs are changing beginning April 1, 2020. The NEW Sonlight scope & sequence outlines these four levels as such: Sonlight Preschool —ages 3-4. Pre-K —Pre-K. K — ages 5-6, grades K-1. A —ages 6-8, grades 1-3. Let's unpack this simple summary to find the best fit for your child Features - Sonlight is a complete homeschool curriculum, with instructor guides, literature, and workbooks that can be used with one or many children.They have Cores which is what they call their curriculum packages. The Cores come with an instructors guide that has a flexible weekly schedule, good books that can be used for family or individual reading, and quality support materials

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The Top 5 Reasons Sonlight Didn't Work for Us. 1. Sonlight didn't work with our large family time restraints (there's only so much of me to go around!). We have a brood of children in multiple grades. While I can pair certain children together, I simply can't do all of them in one Core program The Homeschool Curriculum Problem. Year after year, I plan, and plan, and plan with worry, coveting, and a bit of excitement at the prospect of new. Some years I want a boxed curriculum, others a design-my-own, and usually I go for an eclectic mix of both. No matter what I buy I can never leave it as it is. I tweak pre-planned lessons Sonlight's preschool homeschool curriculum is a book lover's dream come true. They have a complete curriculum for 3 year olds as well as typical preschool age (4 year olds). How to choose the best curriculum. A nursery rhyme was chosen to correspond with each biblical text. Back to school, preschool, printable, teachers, themes, toddlers. 5. No discussion posts. There are other groups for questions or discussion such as Sonlight Homeschool Moms, Sonlight Connections, and Sonlight Curriculum Chat Group Learn/Share. 6. No gauging interest posts. If you have something to sell, take a picture, set a price, and post it. 7

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  1. 5 Reasons to Love Sonlight Literature-Based Preschool Curriculum. Preschool at home is perfect for sharing wonderful books and fun, hands-on activities with your child. Sonlight has a literature-based preschool curriculum that makes it easy
  2. a day in the life of home school + the Sonlight curriculum. November 26, 2013. So it's like I woke up one day and suddenly we've been doing this home school gig for ten weeks. Oh, and I just started using essential oils. And let's not forget the (somewhat-failure of a) garden this last spring
  3. d cuddling up on the couch with mom and travelling to far off places in an exciting world revealed through a range of magnificent reference books and gripping stories which make up each Sonlight package

And the Sonlight Memory Book has pages especially designed for book logs. 4. Assess and Document Learning with Narration. All my Charlotte Mason mamas, rejoice! Yes, narration is a legitimate method of assessing your child's comprehension! And narration is a hallmark of the Sonlight approach Overall Sonlight Curriculum is an excellent homeschooling curriculum. If you love great books that make history come alivethis Homeschool curriculum will really appeal to you! Every curriculum has it's drawbacks, but, for many families, Sonlight's advantages far outweigh the few drawbacks that it has Taken from Sonlight's own website: Finding the right homeschool preschool curriculum is important. For many children, this will be their first introduction to organized learning. At Sonlight, we know how difficult choosing the right homeschool preschool curriculum can be. Sonlight touches on Language Arts, Math, Science and more by using fun.

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  1. Sep 3, 2019 - Exploring God's World for 4- and 5-year-olds, homeschool curriculum. See more ideas about sonlight, homeschool curriculum, homeschool
  2. You can read about all the new curriculum options and program changes in detail here (or in the catalog), but I'd like to highlight a few of my favorites below. 1. A New Preschool Program. Sonlight's new Preschool Program was created to allow parents to build a foundation of positive interactions while also addressing the developmental needs.
  3. #ad Wow y'all, just wow. We learn everywhere we go and a great curriculum is key to complimenting our adventures. Sonlight just came out with their Preschool..
  4. Take a peek into some of my very favorite books that are included with Sonlight Preschool curriculum. if you're looking for a hands-on curriculum that doesn'..
  5. Sonlight is a complete, literature-based, faith-based, homeschool curriculum. We offer every subject from classic children's books in Preschool, to Phonics in Kindergarten and First Grade, through Civics and Economics in High School. With a focus on History, Sonlighters enjoy a liberal arts education that produces critical thinkers who are ambassadors for Christ, and have a heart [

Jun 25, 2021 - Homeschooling your preschooler. Activity ideas, curriculum, books, and more. Sonlight recommends Exploring God's World a preschool homeschool curriculum especially designed for 4- and 5-year-olds. See more ideas about sonlight, homeschool curriculum, homeschool SonLight Preschool is now enrolling for the 2021-2022 school year starting August 30th, 2021!SonLight Preschool is a school for kids one year old to prekindergarten. Our experienced Christian teachers' goal is to support parents in the early development stages. Our curriculum includes Bible, Language Arts, Math, Science Sonlight - is a literature-based, Christian homeschool curriculum offering every subject from preschool through high school. The comprehensive curriculum uses real books to deliver an engaging and complete education Today I am sharing an overview and my overall review of the sonlight preschool program. We are thankful to Sonlight for graciously giving us one Pre-k packag.. Time4Learning is an online, multimedia curriculum teaching math, language arts, science, social studies, and more to grades PreK-12. It can be used for homeschool, afterschool, skill building and summer study. Sonlight® is a Christian, literature-based curriculum that offers everything you need to teach PreK-12th grade using engaging books.

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  1. All four programs—Preschool, Pre-K, (new for 2020) Sonlight K, and Sonlight A—are full of beautiful books you will love sharing with your child. But because the ages 3-8 are so full of rapid development and because each child's rate of maturity is unique, any one of these beautiful programs may not be the perfect fit for your child today
  2. Sonlight offers all subjects and all grades. From hands-on history projects, to lap books, to a wide range of electives — we offer a number of optional resources and supplements to round out your school year choices. Choose your Sonlight curriculum in 3 easy steps. Sonlight offers literature-based (Couch Subjects™) & skill-base
  3. Which preschool program is best? Our Top 10 Recommendations for Preschool Curriculum. Oak Meadow. Oak Meadow's preschool curriculum is all about creativity and imagination! Sonlight. This preschool program encourages a pressure-free learning environment. Mother Goose Time. Time4Learning. My Father's World. Winter Promise. Horizons. BookShark
  4. Sonlight's preschool homeschool curriculum is a book lover's dream come true. Blue Manor Christian Preschool Curriculum Christian . Thinking Like a Christian Teaching Package Teaching . Books about the Bible for Kids and Teens Bible for kids . 2 Fixes for When You Aren't Finished with Homeschool in

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  1. istry of Grace Fellowship Church. Sonlight accepts children regardless of race, color, nationality, or ethnic origin. We serve preschool children aged 6 weeks to 5 years old and school-age children up to 12 years old. Sonlight uses a Christian preschool curriculum that.
  2. Apr 8, 2017 - Get your free Sonlight Curriculum Christian homeschool curriculum catalog.Get your free Sonlight Catalog and discover Sonlight's literature-rich Christian homeschool curriculum programs. Catalog, catalog, catalog
  3. Merely said, the preschool yearly curriculum is universally compatible with any devices to read Create your own Preschool Curriculum PRESCHOOL CURRICULUM IN DEPTH // a week of preschool plans Homeschool Preschool Curriculum Comparison | Pros and Cons of Abeka, Sonlight, Horizons, and More! LESSON PLANNING | DAYCARE CURRICULUM PLANNING FRE
  4. Preschool Curriculum SonLight Preschool welcomes you! Preschoolers are curious and love to experiment with their surroundings. SonLight takes a hands-on approach to learning. Children are exposed to many different materials and experiences throughout their 135 People Learne

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- Sonlight 7 (or Bookshark level i, the secular version of Sonlight) - Build Your library grade 5 + grade 6-- secular; 2 years of American History -- could combine 7th grader & 4th grader with this Science - Guest Hollow Jr. Anatomy (for gr. 3-8) -- living book-based; your 7th & 4th graders could combine for thi Sonlight Preschool Curriculum Review. Sonlight preschool is a literature rich program that uses children's books to introduce 3-5 year olds to the world around them, while helping them develop a love of learning. The company offers two choices for preschool programs Sonlight Curriculum - Preschool and Kindergarten experiences. by Amber Scott. (Lemont, PA, USA) For my first two years of homeschooling I found Songlight curriculum to be a great way to get my feet wet. I was worried about what I needed to cover in a day, what to read study talk about and so on. Sonlight balances all of this for you To learn more about how Time4Learning works you can take a quick tour! The following is a comparison list of the core features of both Time4Learning and Sonlight. Parents choose how often and how much they want students to use the program. Time4Learning takes care of the rest. Intense parent input

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Our family has used the Sonlight Curriculum in some fashion for the past seven years. Over the years we've moved through a variety of the Sonlight Core programmes, science programmes, and even a few of the language arts programmes. So it was that the 2018 school year found us with a student in Sonlight Core 300 Sonlight Curriculum is a Christian company specializing in literature-based homeschool programs. Most of the books in each core program are secular choices, but the company does have a Christian perspective and worldview. It's possible to combine a variety of ages into one Sonlight level. Since all three of my children are close in age, they.

Sonlight Preschool Curriculum. Sonlight is another Christian based preschool curriculum but it is also literature based. Imagine snuggling on the couch with your little one reading books together and you have captured the dream of Sonlight. I personally found it a bit challenging with my kids because they have a hard time sitting still and. Pros and Cons for the 4-Day and 5-Day Curriculum. My fear of purchasing the 4-day curriculum was that we would miss out on amazing stories and great lessons. If you have ever used Sonlight before, you understand just how wonderful every single one of the books is. I had a major case of curriculum FOMO (fear of missing out) Although your new school year may be months away, now is the best time to order next year's homeschool curriculum.Here are 7 reasons why we think earlier is better when it comes to getting your new homeschool curriculum purchases squared away.. 1. You Are Still in the Midst of Homeschooling. Because you are currently doing school, you know exactly what your children are working on and probably.

Pre-K Workbooks | Pre-K Reading Curriculum | SonlightOne of the key goals of Sonlight is to help raise children

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2- Sonlight: This is the first curriculum we ever purchased, I used it for preschool with my oldest daughter. 2- Horizons Preschool Curriculum Kit - The Preschool Curriculum Set contains all 180 lessons packaged in two student books, two teacher's guides, a sing along music CD, and a resource packet. Basic flashcards and other. You may have read over the Sonlight® curriculum pros and cons and the Time4Learning pros and cons but still don't have a clear answer. The automated record keeping that Time4Learning provides sounds great but so do other aspects of the Sonlight® curriculum. Don't worry. Many homeschooling families blend curriculum programs and find the. Sonlight Community Church exists to bring glory to God by being transformed through the Gospel in order to bring and be good news to the city of Lynden. We believe that God's grace restores everything - Try Sonlight Free And More! Download today for encouragement, inspiration, and everything you need to successfully homeschool. Sonlight is a Christ-centered, literature-based curriculum that includes everything you need to teach from preschool through high school

Health Grape VineyardEchinaceaStinging NettleSunflowersWatermelon Mathematics Geometry in NatureMathematics in the BibleMathematics in the GardenMathematics in the KitchenMathematics in NatureMathematics In and Out of the WoodshopGuidelines for Preschool MathWhen to Teach Mathematics to Children Music Behold, He ComethSongs of the RedeemedChrist in Song I-IVListen and Learn I-IIRansom and. The Daily Lesson Plans are already-planned-in-advance and are written for specific grade levels. They include weekly goals and objectives for each subject and include daily lessons integrating the studies of history, science (K-8), language arts, fine arts, and projects. A review from The Curriculum Choice. [ Read More

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November 28, 2011 Homeschool Curriculum. By Luana Flacco (Ontario, Canada) Visitor Review: I used Sonlight Core 1, 2 and Core 3/4. The program worked great until my younger child entered grade 2 and then I had to stop the core with him. Sonlight was not working out with the age gap at that point for my two boys I thought it looked very similar to Sonlight's curriculum. It turns out that BookShark is a spin off from the owners of Sonlight, operating as a separate company. Since both programs are so similar to one another, read my review of Sonlight for a more comprehensive explanation of how both programs work. BookShark is available for pre.

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Sonlight Curriculum. Visit Website. Nashville, TN Rogers, AR Round Rock, TX. Experience education the way you wish you'd been taught using literature. Save time, save money, build relationships, and change the world. PreSchool through High School - Complete Christian Homeschool Curriculum You're Guaranteed to Love Sonlight Curriculum Today at 12:40 PM As the demand for homeschool curriculum continues, we recommend plac ing your curriculum order as early as possible in order to avoid delays that may keep you from being ready to teach in the fall

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Sonlight: Sonlight's preschool homeschool curriculum is a book lover's dream come true. The literature-based Christian preschool curriculum features over a dozen quality children's books and more than 100 fairy tales and nursery rhymes. The program emphasizes quality family time, so there is no daily schedule Playing Preschool follows a clear line of progression: skills build and grow. This is a unique feature to Playing Preschool from other online homeschool preschool options. The lessons grow as your child grows. For example, math activities in Year 1, Unit 1 focus on numbers 1-5. In unit 19, the focus is on numbers 1-12 Mar 20, 2016 - Timelines complement to any homeschool history curriculum and are especially good for visual learners because they offer a view of historical events in a pictorial way SonLight Education Ministry (SEM) was a full time ministry which provided training in true education, curriculum materials, a print shop, and book store. In the past decade, our bookstore has closed and we have sold our printing press. In recent years, it has been on the heart of the ministry to put our materials out for free, for personal use.

Feb 1, 2021 - Homeschooling your preschooler. Activity ideas, curriculum, books, and more. Sonlight recommends Exploring God's World a preschool homeschool curriculum especially designed for 4- and 5-year-olds. See more ideas about sonlight, homeschool, homeschool curriculum Sonlight Curriculum. Join Stephanie as she deep dives with the creators of the new Kindergarten Science program, Amber and Luke. They will talk, in detail, about Science K: Ecosystems, Meteorology, Physics, and Engineering Design. This group will explore the new books, experiments, and worksheets that make up this new Sonlight Science philosophy Sonlight Curriculum. 34 mins ·. You want fun books for recreational summer reading, but you don't want worthless twaddle. Sonlight has found the sweet spot in high-quality yet FUN books for elementary, middle school, and high school. Buy a set, place the book stack somewhere strategic, and let the summer reading being Abeka's preschool curriculum features a traditional approach to teaching and learning, cross-subject integration, spiral review, and plenty of hands-on activities. It's no wonder the Abeka program has helped thousands of preschools successfully prepare children for a lifetime of learning. Shop Preschools. Watch Video

Sonlight Curriculum (All-In-One Programs) Sonlight Curriculum was started by a homeschooling family that wanted to provide the best materials at a reasonable cost for families living as overseas missionaries. They based their programs on the educational Sonlight 's History 520 World History and Worldview Studies (Worldview Curriculum DIRECTOR Dara Hale EMAIL ADDRESS classroom@erlangerbaptist.org PHONE NUMBER (859)342-2301 ADDRESS 116 Commonwealth Avenue Erlanger, KY 4101 We provide complete homeschool curriculum packages and individual resources and materials so you can build the preschool or K-12 homeschool curriculum that best meets your family's needs. Sonlight.

A is for Alligator Letter of the WeekGoodnight Gorilla Lesson Plan Lapbook PrintablesWEEK 24: Rock-a-Bye Baby #2 | Sonlight Core A | Pinterest

Sonlight Core B, Preschool Curriculum, Homeschool Curriculum Books, Sonlight School Textbooks & Study Guides, Sonlight Instructors Guide, History Magazines, History Monthly Magazines 1850-1899 Publication Year, History Textbooks, History World History Study Guides & Test Prep, History Education Textbook My Father's World Christian homeschool curriculum combines the best of Charlotte Mason's ideas, classical education, and unit studies with a biblical worldview and global focus. By always keeping God's Word central, we partner with you to provide life-transforming, academic excellence with a Christian worldview This is a set that says 2013 in the Instructor's Guide. I used it for Kindergarten for two children and it was great for that level. Sonlight is known as challenging. It is still in usable condition Each of the three preschool curriculums that I have reviewed on this site, ABC Fun & 1-2-3, Little Footprints and Sonlight A have been written more for you, the parent, who wants a program to help you provide a stimulating learning environment for your children, but without subjecting them to too much school stress. By using one of the above, you will expose your children to some of the best. Sonlight Homeschool curriculum d+e. Grades 5-8 American History, Bible and literature. Bundle includes the guide, the dry erase fold out map, and most of the books used in the curriculum. A few of the books have been read but not marked in. Most haven't been opened. The timeline figures are missing page 1 and one figure from page 2 Sonlight Curriculum, Littleton, Colorado. 59,584 likes · 625 talking about this. Sonlight helps families love to learn together. We provide complete literature-rich, Christ-centered homeschool..

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