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  3. Specifications and notes. Published: 2011 | Category: Index , Specifications | Audience: Road traffic engineers & consultants. The specifications Index has now been replaced with the NZ Transport Agency register of network standards and guidelines. (external link

The NZ Transport Agency has released a pilot version of the P25 Specification for calcined bauxite. This is a performance-based specification for calcined bauxite applied with non-bituminous binder on an appropriate substrate 1=7$ 0 :$.$ .27$+, 1= 75$163257 $*(1&< 63(&,),&$7,21 )25 '(16( *5$'(' $63+$/7,& &21&5(7( %lqghu 3huirupdqfh *udgh 7kh vshflilhg shuirupdqfh judgh ri elqghu vkdoo eh xvhg lq wkh dvskdow pl[ 2wkhu judghv l h judghv lqwhqgh accepted for use by Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency. Waka Kotahi is part of, and contributes to, the Road to Zero safety strategy. Road to Zero is the government's strategy to guide improvements in road safety over the period 2020-2030. The strategy's vision is to stop people being killed or seriously injured on our roads

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Foamed bitumen shall be produced from 80/100 or 180/200 penetration-grade bitumen as specified in the Project Specifications. The bitumen shall comply with TNZ M/1 and shall be able to achieve a minimum expansion of 10 times its original volume and a minimum half-life of 6 seconds. Refer to the definitions in the Notes to this Specification and RNZ Technical Note 001 for an explanation of expansion and half-life Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency ITS specification: Variable message sign supply and installation (ITS-06-01) Revision 0 1.0 Introduction 1.1 Scope This Specification outlines requirements for VMS, sign controllers, communication systems, power supply, warranties and maintenance. The Specification sets out mandatory (shall/must/will), and optiona

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  1. The two key goals are to provide: in one place, a definitive list of all relevant NZ Transport Agency funding policy and commonly adopted manuals and technical documents for land transport network related activities. a simple, easy to access and manipulate repository of land transport network reference documents for approved organisations.
  2. ITS specifications can be inserted into Waka Kotahi procurement contracts as a document, or a document link. This is essential to provide certainty for the ITS equipment and systems being purchased, and to record what is required at the time the contract was signed by the Agency and the vendor. The project is led by the NZ Transport Agency.
  3. The NZTA specification is based around AS/NZ4602.1:2011 and AS/NZS1906.4:2010, except with more detail and additional requirements. Retro-reflective tape and high-visibility background material must conform to AS/NZS1906.4:2010. Application of the Specification There are four garment design categories - sleeveless vests, long sleeves coats.

The vehicle inspector must personally carry out the brake inspection of all vehicles according to the following specifications. The alternative method for motorcycles may be used if the vehicle inspector is unfamiliar with the disassembly or reassembly of the braking system. carry out a service brake system performance test using an NZTA. late-model, high specification, 'expensive' vehicles In such instances, IOs may apply to the Transport Agency for an exemption from the requirement to remove the interior trim. An IO must have an NZTA-approved alternative inspection procedure in place in order to process a trim removal exemption application

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10.1.1 The NZTA Specification P/3 Specification for First Coat Sealing, NZTA Specification P/4 Specification for Resealing, and the NZTA Specification M/6 Specification for Sealing Chips shall be deemed to be part of this Specification except that: i) All references to the basis of payment contained within these NZTA Specifications ar Wellingtonsig@nzta.govt.nz None. Wellington City including State Highways. Tim Kirby, Steen Bohanna. Tim.Kirby@wcc.govt.nz 021 227 8243. Steen.Bohanna@wcc.govt.nz 021 270 8126. Wellington City Council Traffic Operations Centre. WCC Specification 01-08-2018. SOUTH ISLAND. Nelson and Tasman. Nelson City Council - Troy Chapman. Troy.chapman@ncc. requirements for the use of the logo: (www.nzta.govt.nz/resources/visual-identity/index) A total area of at least 100cm2 must be provided for 'Reasons for rejection' and 'Comments' by the vehicle inspector Noise meter specifications (PDF) Published: May 2008 These specifications must be met where a vehicle inspector chooses to use a noise meter to assess exhaust noise as part of the IOADD: Additional site applicatio 2-2 Dimensions. Vehicles must comply with the requirements relating to mandatory equipment set out according to their vehicle type in: VIRM: In-service certification, section 2-3, motorcycles. There are no additional requirements in respect of dimensions for the inspection and certification of vehicles for entry into service

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Headlamps https://vehicleinspection.nzta.govt.nz/virms/in-service-wof-and-cof/heavy-psvs/lighting/headlamps. Reasons for rejectionMandatory and permitted equipment1 The NZTA specification is based around AS/NZ4206.1:2011 and AS/NZS1906.4:2010, except with more detail and additional requirements. Retro‐reflective tape and high‐visibility background material must conform t NZTA Traffic Note 56 - Active School warning signs - guidelines . NZTA P/35 Specification for VMS National Operating Procedures . NZTA P/37 Specifications for mobile variable message signs . Lane Control Signs Part 1 - General Design Requirements NZTA P/32 Specification for Electronic Warning Signs on State Highways | Page 25 The NZTA specification for road safety hardware is under review. During this period, the M23 page on the Transport Agency website is to be considered the best source for information relating to the Transport Agency's road safety hardware requirements

Glazing condition. 2. A piece of glazing is not mechanically sound, or is not securely affixed to the vehicle. 3. A windscreen ( Note 1) (not a wind deflector) or front side window is so dirty or obstructed that the driver's vision is impaired. 4. A windscreen (not a wind deflector) has damage that prevents the wiper blades from working properly You are giving feedback on the Metered emissions test specifications page. Please enter your feedback below. If you would like us to contact you regarding your comments, and to receive confirmation of your feedback, please enter your email address. Important: This is not an inspection advice request form

• The NZ Transport Agency covers the main State Highway network • Urban and rural local authorities manage the rest • NZTA specifications and processes are the default • Specifications: • Materials covered by NZTA M7 (2017) • Paint plant covered by NZTA/NZRF T8 (2008 8.1 PEDESTRIAN CROSSING SPECIFICATIONS This diagram is also available online at education.nzta.govt.nz. 300mm Recommended 400mm Belisha beacon disc or 300mm illuminated amber globe (which may flash) Black and white pole - installed within 2m of each end of crossing (minumum requirement) • 2m high • 75mm diameter • 300mm stripe Illya Kautai and Andrew Spittal - NZ Transport Agency. Document Status. ISBN: 978-1-98-851731-5 (online) Issue date April 2017 Revision: 0. This document was prepared by Auckland Council with . the support of the organisations listed above to address a need for a standard ground investigation specification Approval of Road Safety Barrier Systems of NZTA standards for road safety. Changes to the crash tested, approved design configuration will render the barrier system noncompliant with - the specification. All road barrier systems must be installed and maintained in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions the specification penetrat ion but meet all the other NZTA M1:2011 r equirements and the rheological requirements set by a model and acceptable 60 - 70 grade. This shows the progressive nature of th

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  1. ous Reseals and b/ 17 Changes to Performance Based Specification for Reseals c/ Guide to assessing road-traffic noise using NZS 6806 d/ P25 Pilot Specification for Calcined Bauxite Specification and P25 Notes 2/ NZTA Technical Memos for Road safety TM - 2000 to TM - 2007 included as Othe
  2. Specifications. 40MPa precast concrete cast into steel moulds, with both 12mm reinforced bar and 665 steel mesh internal. Since 2002, Tinz Ltd has increased the spec to 50MPa with Porta Ferro additive. This addition, along with the steel components, gives greater durability for the bigger volumes of traffic movements in the current Auckland Region
  3. Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency ITS specification: Ramp signal supply and installation (ITS-05-02) Revision 0 There are a wide variety of posts available to suit a number of installation requirements, each post will be hot dip galvanised steel. The standard ramp signal pole arrangements are detailed in section 3 Ram

Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency ITS specification: Optical fibre supply and installation (ITS-02-03) Revision 3 e. where GGGG is the number assigned to the previous jointing chamber. f. where HHHH is the number assigned to the next jointing chambe WAKA KOTAHI NZ TRANSPORT AGENCY Once downloaded this document is not controlled and may not be the latest version. DUCTS // 4 application of an interim standard or specification at itsspec@nzta.govt.nz [IF RETIRED] New document details Online ISBN numbe SPECIFICATION FOR LIGHTING COLUMNS APPENDIX A . Page . 1 of 10. SPECIFICATION FOR LIGHTING COLUMNS . APPENDIX A: TYPE APPROVED PASSIVELY SAFE LIGHTING COLUMNS . NOTES: 1. Existing lighting columns deemed compliant by the NZ Transport Agency under the previous TNZ/NZTA M19 Specification and currently in use in New Zealand being forme NZTA Specification F/1 - Earthworks Construction : NZTM (New Zealand Transverse Mercator) WRC (EW) Guidelines - Erosion and Sediment Control for Soil Disturbing Activities Schedule of documents referred to in Part 3 - Roading . Standard : AS/NZS . 1158:2010

WAKA KOTAHI NZ TRANSPORT AGENCY Once downloaded this document is not controlled and may not be the latest version. VARIABLE MESSAGE SIGNS - FIXED // 6 1 DOCUMENT CONTROL 1.1 Document information Document number ITS-01-001-202009-STD-VMS-FIXED Previous document number/s (if applicable) ITS-01-001-202008-STD-VMS-FIXED ITS-06-01 Document statu The NZTA M1-A 2019 specification has now been in circulation for over a year. As discussed in my previous article, this specification moves away from the old penetration grading to a performance based specification. It is quite a significant shift and requires a bit of understanding to get to grips with the new system for grading and naming.

13 December 2019. Simeon Hall speaking technically about unravelling the new NZTA M1-A 2019 specification for performance graded binders. Click here to check out the article - https://lnkd.in/fMEApav. < Back The latest version of NZ Transport Agency Specifications shall be deemed to form part of the Technical Specifications, except as modified or qualified hereafter. NZTA M/6 Specification for Sealing Chip NZTA M/7 Specification for Roadmarking Paint - White & Yellow NZTA M/7 Notes to Specification for Roadmarking Paint.

The density requirements for the compacted mat are as defined in the NZTA P/9 P specification or as stated in the specific contract requirements. Flushing, Shoving, Segregation and other Defects . The asphalt surfacing must not exhibit any signs of flushing, shoving or segregation followin 2.4 NZ Transport Agency approval for access onto state highways. The formation of new accessways and upgrading of existing accessways for increased traffic onto a state highway is controlled by the NZ Transport Agency (NZTA), as they are responsible for the safe and efficient use of the state highway network The New Zealand Transport Agency's M30 Specification and Guidelines for Road Lighting Design has been released and can be found at this direct link: http://www.nzta. The template takes no parameters. Additional information. The template is intended to be used in the following namespaces: the File namespace The template is intended to be used by the following user groups: all users Placement: In the Permission parameter of the {{Information}} template (or the respective parameter of similar templates) or in the Licensing sectio

Why are safety ratings important? Your vehicle plays a major role in keeping you safe on the road. Safety ratings are the best way to know how well your vehicle will perform in a crash #LI-NZTA. Attachments: Geospatial Systems_Analyst_PD_June_2021.pdf (PDF, 298KB) Job Specification. Follow us on careers.nzta.govt.nz. Email a Friend. Print Job. New Search. This is where you'll find information about our current career opportunities. To search for a specific position or occupation, use the Categories option below Standards New Zealand is the leading developer of standards and standards-related solutions. We sell New Zealand, joint Australian/New Zealand, ISO, IEC, and BSI standards

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NZ Transport Agency. Online Services; Buy a road user charges (RUC) licence Before you start If you have changed your address, you'll need to update your address online before you start this transaction. You'll need: the vehicle's plate number; a Visa or Mastercard credit. Senior Advisor - Behavioural Insights. Apply your specialist knowledge in a behavioural science. Use your strong communication, collaboration and influencing skills. 12 month Fixed Term contract or secondment (parental leave) The purpose of this role is to lead the application of specialist knowledge in a behavioural science and systems methods. Primary curriculum resources. Flexible, context-driven lesson plans that support student inquiry and curriculum integration. Writers, including Pam Hook, use SOLO Taxonomy to create clear learning progressions. Road safety: Everyone is a road user. BikeReady. Science in motion. Developing community transport solutions. Keeping safe around trucks NZTA Thrie-Beam NZTA Thrie-Beam Installation Checklist Customer: Iinstallation is to be in accordance with NZTA M23, NZTA-B3, and/or Engineers specification. Rail height, 610mm to centerline of Thrie-Beam, unless specified otherwise. Is the Thrie-Beam suitably anchored with approved End-Terminals or transition NZ Transport Agency. Online Services; Renewal of vehicle licence (rego) Before you start If you have changed your address since you last licenced your vehicle, you'll need to update your address online before you start this transaction. You'll need: your renewal notice or the vehicle's plate number.

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Put my vehicle licence (rego) on hold. Use this transaction if your vehicle is temporarily off the road and you want to be exempt from paying licensing fees (rego) during this time (minimum period is 3 months). if you owe licensing fees make sure you have your Visa/Mastercard credit or debit card or your internet banking details (POLi ) Detailed specs and features for the 2020 Volkswagen Tiguan including dimensions, horsepower, engine, capacity, fuel economy, transmission, engine type, cylinders, drivetrain and more The Education Portal is a road and rail safety website for teachers to use each year as part of their local school curriculum. This website is managed by the NZ Transport Agency Vehicle safety lookup. To find a car or other light vehicle, search by plate. For bikes and heavy vehicles, try searching by VIN. (if the vehicle is unregistered try VIN or chassis number

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Description. New Zealand road sign W10-1 (1987-2016).svg. English: Stop ahead. (This sign is also used for railway crossings controlled by a STOP sign, in situations where the STOP sign is not clearly visible from a distance of 60 metres for urban roads and 120 metres for rural roads.) Date NZTA manual gearbox causes headaches for truck and motorhome owners. July 26, 2021. and also covering any locally modified trucks to manufacturer specifications, which is common to connect the driver. to the housing at the rear of the vehicle. motorhomes or horse trucks NZTA appears to have had a vendetta against people who want to use their heavy vehicles for pleasure, for some time now. I refer to buses which were deemed perfectly safe to carry 45 school children without any seatbelts suddenly requiring tens of thousands of dollars spent fitting certified seat belts for two people when converted to a motor caravan NZTA manual change causes headaches for horse truck and motorhome owners. 26/07/2021. By Phil Pennington of RNZ Motorhomes and horse trucks are being forced off the road under rule changes by the transport agency Waka Kotahi. Several owners spoken to by RNZ expressed distress at facing months of delay and thousands of dollars of bills NZTA manual change causes headaches for horse truck and motorhome owners July 27, 2021 Admin 0 Comments change, headaches, horse, and also covering any truck modified locally according to the manufacturer's specifications, which is common to connect the driver to accommodation in the rear of motorhomes or horse trucks..

House owners are being quoted between $17,000 and $30,000 to get the rechecks, and face lengthy waits. Vicki Hay has simply spent six months getting the $400,000 sale of the horse truck at her Tokoroa stallion stud again on monitor after it was rejected for its six-monthly Certificates of Health (COF) as a consequence of a cab cutout NZ Transport Agency is an equal opportunity employer (EOE). At the Agency we recognise the importance of diversity and inclusion and are committed to providing a working environment that embraces these values. Please let us know if you need any support or have any access requirements that will help you through the recruitment process NZ Transport Agency is an equal opportunity employer (EOE). At the Agency we recognise the importance of diversity and inclusion and are committed to providing a working environment that embraces these values

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SPECIFICATION FOR ROAD SAFETY HARDWARE SYSTEMS. APPENDIX B: BRIDGE BARRIER SYSTEMS Note: This document is released as an interim appendix to the current Specification M23 in support of the recent revision of the NZ Transport Agency Bridge Manual.. 1 NON- PROPRIETARY (PUBLIC DOMAIN) BRIDGE BARRIER SYSTEM 3.4.5 Wind (a) Wind load shall be applied to a bridge in accordance with the principles set out in BS 5400, Part 2, Specification for Loads (2), Clause 5.3, contained within BD 37/01 Appendix A (3), giving consideration to wind acting on adverse and relieving areas as defined in Clause 3.2.5 of that standard Home - Waikato Local Authority Shared Servic

Driver licensing online. If you have a RealMe verified identity, you can: Order a replacement driver licence if it was lost or stolen or is unreadable. View the classes, endorsements or conditions on your driver licence. View or update your contact details. Check your current demerit point total Vehicle safety lookup . To find a car or other light vehicle, search by plate.. For bikes and heavy vehicles, try searching by VIN. (if the vehicle is unregistered try VIN or chassis number

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  1. or culverts and their structural design associated headwalls and wingwalls. requirements (Note that additional design guidance to supplement the requirements of.
  2. STANDARD SPECIFICATION FOR HOT DIP GALVANIZING. This specification has been prepared by the galvanizing industry through its technical working group, in consultation with industry and a number of consulting engineering groups. It is intended to be used in conjunction with Australian/New Zealand Standard 4680 and is designed for simple insertion.
  3. To to this service you now need a RealMe account. RealMe is a service from the New Zealand government and New Zealand Post that includes a single , letting you use one username and password to access a wide range of services online.. But there is much more to RealMe than just the convenience of a single .. Get Verified. RealMe is also your secure online ID
  4. Advertising specs, rates & deadlines. Classified Advertising 0800 835 323. Contact Us. Fill in your details here and we'll be in touch. Alternatively, you can contact your local Stuff office on one of the numbers listed below: Auckland Cider Building, 4 Williamson Avenue, Auckland 1010 . 09 925 9700

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  1. NZTA manual change causes headaches for horse truck and motorhome owners. Motorhomes and horse trucks are being forced off the road under rule changes by the transport agency Waka Kotahi. File photo. Photo: 123RF. Several owners spoken to by RNZ expressed distress at facing months of delay and thousands of dollars of bills
  2. As our Data Insights Analyst for the Safer Commercial Transport team, you will gather data and insights to tell compelling stories to leaders, as well as front line staff, about where we need to focus our time on order to reduce risk and improve road safety outcomes for New Zealanders. We want you to create meaningful data insights which.
  3. NZ Transport Agency is an equal opportunity employer (EOE). At the Agency we recognise the importance of diversity and inclusion and are committed to providing a working environment that embraces these values. Please let us know if you need any support or have any access requirements that will help you through the recruitment process. #LI-NZTA
  4. Cycle friendly roundabouts NZ Transport Agency April 10th, 2019 - Note Normally Austroads Guide to Road Design Part 4B sets widths by the tracking of the design vehicle or at least 5 m to allow traffic to get past a broken down vehicle however it also suggests 3 m maximum where cyclists share the roadway to discourage overtaking by motorist
  5. Application of human-factors methods in transport technology and traffic control devices design and specification; Achieving behavioural outcomes in transport and travel planning, business cases and design activities; At Waka Kotahi, the NZ Transport Agency, it all starts with our people. The organisation's performance and success depends.
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