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1995 Total Population, Household Population and Number of Households by Barangay - Region XII csv. Total Population, Household Population and Number of Households by Barangay... Preview Download. 2000 Total Population, Household Population and Number of Households by Barangay - ARMM csv Table 2. Household Population, Number of Households and Average Household Size by Region, Province, City, and Municipality: Philippines, 2015 Household Population Number of Households Average Household Size REGION II (CAGAYAN VALLEY) 3,443,49 Table 1. Household Population, Number of Households, and Average Household Size by Region, Province, and Highly Urbanized City: Philippines, 2010 Region/Province/Highly Urbanized City Household Population Number of Households Average Household Size REGION IX - ZAMBOANGA PENINSULA 3,397,838 726,272 4.7 CITY OF ISABELA (Capital) 97,690 20,294 4.

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Batangas City has total projected households of 71,511 for CY 2013. Out of this figure, 5,838 or 8.16% reside in the poblacion. The projected average household size in the city for CY 2013 is five (5). Barangay Sta. Rita Karsada has the highest household number of 3,992 while Barangay 16 in the Poblacion has the lowest household number of 29 The annual population growth rates show that Barangay 630 in Manila is the fastest growing barangay in the Philippines, which had an annual growth rate of 106.03% from its previous population of 48 (2010 Census) to 2,138 (2015 Census) The barangay has a total land area of 2.10 hectares and a population density of 776.67 persons per hectare. The least dense, on the other hand, was Pasong Buaya I with 1,983 persons occupying 733 hectares of land, for a gross density of 2.70. Distribution of Population in the Different Barangays (2013) Population Density (2012 I would like to request for the following Statistics for my thesis. 2000, 2005, 2010 and 2015 Data 1. Household Population in NCR (Barangay Level) 2. Number of Households in NCR (Barangay Level) 3. Average Household Size in NCR (Barangay Level) 4. Density per Barangay in NCR 5. Land Area per Barangay in NC number of population served per doctor in each municipality. It was determined that the higher The barangay health worker-to-household ratio for both cohorts shows that the inadequacy is even worse. Given the standard ratio of 1:20 households, the ratio for both cohorts ranges Number of barangays and number of BHS in each municipalit

The total number of households in the municipality is 3325. Population per Barangay, NSO Survey The male population of the municipality slightly outnumbers the female by 3.5%, or 51% of the total population Table 3. Total Population, Household Population, Number of Households, and Average Household Size, Ormoc City: 2015 City/ Barangay Total Population Household Population Number of Households Average Household Size Concepcion 2,557 2,557 642 4.0 Curva 3,553 3,553 898 4.0 Danao 1,585 1,580 379 4.2 Dayhagan 1,835 1,820 422 4. Barangay New Visayas had the biggest population of 16,566 persons in 2015 and accounted for about 8.97% of the city's population. It was followed by Barangay Gredu (Pob.) with 16,543, and the Barangay San Vicente with 14,449 persons Masterlist of Barangays. Download December 31, 2020 publication here. Source: Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) Tweets by DILGPhilippines Based on these figures, the population density is computed at 348 inhabitants per square kilometer or 900 inhabitants per square mile. Barangays. Isabela has 30 barangays as shown in the following table. Demographic profile of barangays. Filter: Barangay Population percentage (2015

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August 1, 2015 was designated as Census Day for the POPCEN 2015, on which date the enumeration of the population in the Philippines was referred. For the purpose of this census, all information collected about the population were as of 12:01 a.m., Saturday, August 1, 2015. Enumeration lasted for about 25 days, from 10 August to 6 September 2015 For administrative purposes, the LGU subdivided the City into four units according to geographical commonality. The Mayon Unit comprising the northern barangays is defined by its proximity to Mayon Volcano and is thus a relatively environmentally sensitive area. The Central Unit covers the City's flatlands and is the location of its large rice producing areas [ The number of households per barangay was provided by the Valencia City Planning and Development Coordinator Office, with the latest record from 2015. Lastly, the number of respondents per barangay were determined through the proportional allocation, as prescribed and computed by the university research statistician. Table 2. List of Top 10.

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  1. The household population was 75,967 households with an average household size of 4.68. The barangay distribution of the population and the number of households are presented in the following table while the Municipal Base map and Barangay map are shown as Figures 1.1 and 1.2 respectively
  2. As of December 31, 2018 the The Philippines Statistics Authority declared that there are 17 Regions, 81 Provinces, 145 Cities, 1,489 Municipalities and 42,045 Barangays. The barangay system is what makes the Philippines, the community oriented country of the world. The core LGU (Local Government Unit) of the Philippines is the barangay
  3. Number of Households by Age Group, Sex of the Household Head, and Household Size: 2015 barangay characteristics such as presence of selected facilities, establishments; and presence of informal settlers, relocation areas, and in-movers in the barangay due to natural and man-made disasters
  4. Of the 188 barangays in Caloocan City, Barangay 176 (Bagong Silang) recorded the highest total population of 243,890 persons in 2010. Average household size is the average number of persons who live in the household, Population density refers to the average number of persons per square kilometre of land,.
  5. These are barangay Poblacion, Mesaoy, Del Pilar, Limbaan and San Roque. Fifteen (15) barangays were considered as rural barangays having a total population of 19,983 with 4,328 household population. In 2010, urban population increases by 9% from 2007. While in 2015, it increases by 7%

Table 2.14 Number of Households by Age Group and Sex of Household Head, Household Size 36 Table 2.15 Actual and Projected Population by Barangay 37-38 Table 2.16 Projected Population Density by Barangay 39 Table 2.17 Projected Number of Household by Barangay 40 Chapter III- SOCIAL SECTO DEPARTMENT OF SOCIAL WELFARE AND DEVELOPMENT. National Household Targeting System for Poverty Reduction. DATA RELEASE FORM. Date : 13 May 2011. Data Description: Number of Poor Households (HHs) by Type of Disability, disaggregated by region, province, City/ municipality and barangay, CD, Excel Format, Data as of 28 February 2011. Data for : Mr. Mateo A. Lee, Jr

sample size for every barangay considering that the number of households in each barangay is not equal. Sample size was derived from each barangay using the Slovin formula, which is as follows: n= N C(1+Ne2 household wastes per day that could be composted and be used as fertilizers. This would greatly reduce the wastes bein CPH FORM 3 AUTHORITY: Commonwealth Act No. 591, Batas Pambansa Blg. 72, and Executive Order No. 121 authorize the Nationa The following table shows the total household population, and number of households per barangay as projected in 2012, 2014 and 2015. Based on the aforementioned data, Baler has a total projected population of 40,761 and is composed of 8,544 households. The average household size is 4.7 persons per household Least number of households are barangays Cang-inte (40), Cang-isad (46), Cangmatnog (47), Tebjong (55) and Bolos (56). See Table 5 for the complete list of barangays and its corresponding number of households. Table 5. Household Population and Number of Households of Siquijor (Capital) by Barangay (Source: POPCEN 2015) Average household size. Source: PSA 2015 Results TOTAL NUMBER OF HOUSEHOLDS BY BARANGAY The average yield per hectare for irrigated lands was 4 tons per hectare or 80 cavans per hectare A non-irrigated land yields 2.8 tons per hectare. Farming practices is still a combination of the old and new methods; Carabao is still the main beast of burden in tilling the.

San Pablo is a component city in the landlocked province of Laguna.. The city has a land area of 197.56 square kilometers or 76.28 square miles which constitutes 10.30% of Laguna's total area. Its population as determined by the 2015 Census was 266,068 The number of households is 19,751 and the average household size is five (5) persons per household. Male-female ratio is 1:1; Birth rate is 26.44% while Death rate is 4.28%. In the city of Laoag as of year 2000, Urban barangay San Lorenzo had the largest number of population at 2,883, followed by Rural barangay Buttong at 2,277, and then by. In a per barangay level, Barangay Pag-asa has the most number of households of 1,180 or 14.66 percent of the Municipality's total households while Barangay Paysawan has the least number of households of 187 or 2.34 percent. Of the 14 barangays, Quinawan has the most number of household members of 4.40 which is higher than that of the. the number of sample households per barangay is shown in Table 1. The number of households in each sample barangay was obtained from the Barangay Offices in each sample barangay. The number of households in the three barangays toalled to 1,274. The total number of household respondents in this study was determined by getting 5 percent of the. 72 Table No 21 Population and Households By Barangay 2017 Name of Barangay from ARCHITECTU 123456 at Harvard Universit

There are 9,217 households as of 2010 census population with total average household member of 4.42. Total number of households for the municipality and average household members by barangay is also given. For the current year, total households are 10,129. The thickly populated rural barangays are Magahis, Luntal, Putol, Sabang and Toong Population and Number of Poor Families in Luzon Per Barangay. The map shows the 2015 population data from PSA, and 2017 poor from DSWD Listahanan project, in Luzon. Filter by region, province, municipality and/or barangay. Data Sources: Philippines Statistics Authority, DSWD National Household Targeting Office Urban barangays, 3 South Rural barangays, and 6 South Urban barangays that were identified and randomly selected using Microsoft Excel. Household sample size required to be surveyed per barangay varied from 40 to 240. This was dependent on the barangay's population density, and the number and spatial distribution of households The average household size in 2015 was 3.8 persons. In the same period, total household population was 342,200 persons, higher by 26,400 persons from the household population of 315,800 persons in 2010. Table 6 :Top Ten Most Populated Barangays, 2015 BARANGAYS POPULATION BARANGAYS POPULATION 1. Irisan 30,507 6

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The barangay with the lowest number of households with electricity is Kinatihan I at 89.57% while the barangay with the highest number of households with electiricty is Masalukot I at 98.59%. APPLIANCES. Almost all households have television sets, and most prefer cellphones over land lines Tabulated below are the total population, household population, and number of households of the Science City of Muñoz. Population Density : 678 (person/km2)) Number of Households :22,854 (Based on Brgy Profile, Dec 2020) Crude Birth Rate : 8.86 % (source: RHU) Crude Death Rate : 3.83 % (source: RHU 12 per cent of the households interviewed in the MMUSP survey received non-cash income, and 28 per cent received remittances. The median remittance recorded was P2,500 (US$50) per month with a number of families receiving over P20,000 (US$400). National level data (APIS) indicates a slightly lower percentage of wages (71.9 per cent) compared to.

1. Household questionnaire: This questionnaire was composed of modules on education, labor income sources, household assets and amenities, expenditures, social networks, and other topics. 2. Barangay questionnaire: The barangay captains (village leaders were the principal respondents Households and Household Size. In 2010, total number of households was 89,672 with a total household population of 398,577. Average household size was 4.4 persons/household which is a little lower compared to Region 8 of 4.7 and the Philippines of 4.6 pling to identify the number of households to be surveyed in each barangay and to cover more households in barangays with higher number of households. In each barangay, systematic sampling (sampling interval=50) was used to identify sample households. Key informant in-terviews (KII) were also conducted with baran

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Barangay Barangay Captain Distance from Town Proper Land Area(ha) Population No. Households per Barangay; 1: Baloy: Manuel D. Gagarin: 18: 1,347.51: 2,814: 663: The number of households in 2015 was recorded at 213,781, higher by 18,320 households compared with the 195,461 households posted in 2010. The average household size in 2015 was 4.3 persons, lower than the average household size of 4.4 persons recorded in 2010. Sex ratio rose to 98 males per 100 female Province, City, Municipality Total Household Number of and Barangay Population Population Households ----- Santa Inez 1,539 1,539 320 Santo Ni˜o 578 578 109 Tabing Ilog (Pob.) 2,178 2,178 425.

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BARANGAY AMBIONG PHYSICAL AND SOCIO-ECONOMIC PROFILE The total number of households was 1,375, with an average household size of 4. Sex # % Male 2741 50.39% classified as an urban barangay. Population Density (Persons per Square Km) Census Year 1990 1995 2000 2007 201 Our Demographics. In 1990, the population of Navotas is 187,479. In 1995, during the mid-decade census, Navotas' population increased by 4.08 percent with a total population of 229,039. The National Statistics office's Census of Population in 2000 marked a 0.12 percent increase in populatiom with a total of 230,403 The average household size in Kananga declined from 4.6 in 2010 to 4.4 in 2015. This municipality ranked 8th with the highest number of households in Leyte in 2015. The estimated total land area of Kananga was 144.20 square kilometers as per data from the Land Management Bureau of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources

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  1. Barangay Isumbo has a total household of 442 and a total population of 1,941. This gives an average household size of 4.4. Map 2. Map showing household and population distribution per purok Looking at the households per purok, more households reside in Purok Proper with 130 households, followed by Purok Pinawpawan and Calabanog with 70 and 65.
  2. Claveria, officially the Municipality of Claveria, is a 3rd class municipality in the province of Masbate, Philippines. According to the 2015 census, it has a population of 43,693 people. It is located on the southern portion Burias Island, southeast of the nation's capital of Manila
  3. Directory of Bulacan Barangays. © 2007 Provincial Government of Bulacan, Philippines. Developed by the Provincial Information Technology Office.Provincial.
  4. pover ty rate was highest in Barangay Panicuason at 73 per cent or 284 income-poor households. However , Barangay Concepcion Pequeæo had the most number of income-poor households with 1,330 households at 37.6 percent. About 23.9 percent of households did not have sufficient income to satisfy their basic food need
  5. L = is the total number of strata for the province Likewise, the number of eaters Ȇ for the past seven days was estimated as follows: where: ehij = is the total number of household members who were served meals/snacks within th jth sample household in the ith sample barangay under the hth stratum nhi, Nhi, bh, Bh and L are as defined above
  6. households and non-households. Non-household sources include public markets, general stores, food establishments, industries, institutions, recreation centers, service centers and health-related facilities. † Sample waste generators are taken from within a defi ned sampling area, which normally cover th

Barangay captains interviewed by the Daily Tribune lamented that City Hall did not take into account the household population per barangay when it issued quarantine passes as the passes distributed were short of the number of households. In Barangay Lahug, the city's second most populous barangay, only 4,392 passes were allegedly delivered. As of 2013, the projected number of households of Barangay Sun Valley reached 7,963. Subdivision Road 32 has the least number of households, only 32 households are present. If there are 4 people per household, then there are 128 people in subdivision 32. Sun Valley subdivision has the most number of households with a number of 900 subdivisions CABUYAO , LAGUNA SOCIO-ECONOMIC PROFILE Province/ City/ Municipality Population Number of Households Percentage Household Size Barangay Uno 2,839 646 1.1% 4.34 Barangay Dos 1,840 424 0.7% 4.34 Barangay Tres 2,846 686 1.2% 4.15 Bigaa 10,051 2,246 3.8% 4.48 Butong 12,360 2,878 4.9% 4.29 Casile 2,128 439 0.7% 4.85 Diezmo 2,681 666 1.1% 4.03 Gulod.

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  1. ant Economic Activities
  2. students using SRSWR. Use PROC SURVEYSELECT with seed number = 1000. 2. Barangay X has 10,000 households. From this barangay, 500 households were selected using SRSWOR. Data were collected from these households in the same variables described in Part III #2. The collected data was encoded and stored in the main directory of drive C, a
  3. Barangay Pinagkaisahan has an area of 0.196 square kilometers, composed of 971 houses and a population count of 15,332 as per 2010 Census of Population, with an estimated number of households of at least 3,000. Meanwhile, the average population density of the barangay is estimated at 78 people per 1,000 square meters. ECONOMIC PROFILE
  4. Number of Barangays: 10 Barangays (9 coastal and1 inland barangay) Income Classification: 5 th ( Per D.O. 24-97 ) Ave. LGU Annual Income: P42,766,944: Total Municipal Land Area: 4,009 hectares: Timberland Area: None: Alienable & Disposable (A & D): Soil Cover: Bolinao Clay: River Basins (Watershed Areas): None: Population: 25,558 (2007 NSO.
  5. P8,000 per household sa Metro Manila. Sabi ng DSWD NCR noong April 1, 2020, ang bawat city ay may itinakda silang allocation ng number of households na makakatangap ng pera. Para sa Muntinlupa, ang number of households na itinakda ng DSWD NCR ay 55,337 lamang. Ang ibig sabihin only 55,337 families or households lang ang mabibigyan sa ating lungsod

On this, Yap said he already asked the DILG to start monitoring the barangays this week and conduct actual on-the-ground verification of the 1,168 isolation centers reported. The number of isolation centers per barangay exceeds the number of barangays in Bohol which is 1,109 but this does not mean that all the barangays have already complied Annual Per Capita Consumption of Agricultural Commodities by Classification of Barangay. Self-Sufficiency Ratio of Selected Agricultural Commodities. Import Dependency Ratio of Selected Agricultural Commodities. Shares of Food to Total Family Expenditures by Food Group 4.2 Population size and density of coastal barangays per municipality of Sarangani Province and GSC 4.3 Household size and number of households per municipality/city 4.4 Age group breakdown per municipality/city, 1995 4.5 Urban and rural population breakdown, 1980 and 1990 4.6 Distribution of occupation in coastal barangays 4 Household size refers to the total number of members in the household, including domestic workers. 5 Refers to the proportion of households where the household reference person or any other member owns the house, and is as reported by respondents. 6 'Total' includes other types of dwelling not shown, e.g. non-HDB shophouses etc

It is used to record the total number of buildings, housing units, households and institutions, and the total male and female population in the households and institutions listed on the page. The second, third, and fourth pages of this form also consist of Listing Record and Page Totals. Download. cph form 1.pdf Total Number of Households Covered by the latest CBMS Census . 180,000: Actual Cost per Household . P88.00: CBMS FACTS AND FIGURES . CMBS CORE . POVERTY . INDICATORS . CBMS CENSUS, ZAMBOANGA CITY, 2017 . Barangay Boundary \ JOB POVERTY . CMBS DATA USED FOR THE DIA DEL ALCALDE PROGRAM For both communities, random household interviews were conducted. Due to time constraints, a quota of only 5% of the total number of households of the community was set. Thus, 26 households were interviewed for Barangay Matahimik, which has 493 households and 17 for Barangay Pagkakaisa which has 297 households The barangay official report and the EM-DAT measures of the number of natural hazard-related disasters experienced by the barangay were statistically significantly related (P < 0.001) to the household self-report of the number of disasters experienced by the household Is it okay for a barangay to limit the number of dogs per house? Kakasimula palang ng implementation dito sa aming barangay. Dalawa lang daw ang pwede sabi ni kapitan sa meeting kanina. Makatarungan ba? 78 votes. 34. 43.6%. Oo. 44. 56.4%

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h The average of 242 households per barangay is derived by dividing 5 million (expected number of household beneficiaries) by 20,691 (number of barangays in 900 poor municipalities). i The project aims to achieve 10% increase in access to and utilization of basic services as indicated in the DMF Saving information of barangay blotter and household, Barangay Baldog has 550 household and estimated 3000+ of people living in their barangay, then monitoring of each household every year takes time for them to record , the system will allow them to save an information of each household , each household must be registered the system has a.

survey. Barangay Calawis had the highest pr opor tion of households that experienced hunger at 2.4 per cent (or 25 households). Barangay San Luis had the most number of households that experienced hunger (143 households or 1.6%). No household in Beverly Hills experienced hunger Number of households in the Philippines 2013-2021. Published by Statista Research Department , Jun 21, 2021. This statistic shows the forecasted number of households in the Philippines from 2013. [24 barangays] *30 households in each barangay. * The households are selected at regular intervals -sampling interval- from a random starting point. The sampling interval at the barangay level is defined in terms of the number of households, because the field operation specified for th

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  1. Table 7.43 Number of Times Households Attended Barangay Assemblies in the Past 6 Months.. 75 Table 7.44 Number of Government Meetings Held in the Last 12 Months..... 82 Table 7.45 Percentage of Households that Sought Financial and/or Moral Support from Others durin
  2. Persons per household, or average household size, is obtained by dividing the number of persons in households by the number ofhouseholds (or householders). (https://www.census.gov) This module includes the following entities; household number, zone, total members, head of family. Barangay Information System Household Modul
  3. household, followed by Gogon with 174, Gata with 265 and the lowest barangay was Daraga with 194 household. 200 Figure 3 Number of Household Figure 4 shows that among the four communities, the average household size is 5.3 members per household, with Gata having the highest and Oring having the smallest mean of household size

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DAILY AVERAGE OUTPUT The average output per day or the average number of households enumerated per day varied depending on the characteristics of the EA/barangay in terms of terrain, accessibility, urbanity, dispersion of households, weather, availability of transportation facilities, and prevailing socio-economic and political conditions in. to 20 meters above sea level. ffere are 1,799 individuals in the barangay for a population density of about 1 person/ha. It has a total household of 480 averaging at four persons per household. ffe prevailing literacy rate is 98%. Kamuning has a reported 836 ha of mangrove area in which 386 ha are reforested and 450 ha enriched area

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The study population consists of barangays (villages) from the Philippines' poorest provinces. Survey respondent were barangay captains (village captains) and randomly selected households (30 randomly selected per barangay) from the sample of 198 barangays (villages) The total number of households in the municipality in 2015 was 7,452 with an average of 4.31 persons per household. Barangay Buhawen being the most thickly populated barangay has the highest number of household with 726. This is followed by Barangay Laoag with a household number of 636 and Barangay Linasin with 625 household. Religio Household electricity consumption per capita in the Philippines 2000-2016. The Philippines is a densely populated country with around 104.9 million people and with 19.9 million households. On.

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Waste management starts at household and barangay levels. () - August 30, 2009 - 12:00am. CEBU, Philippines - Since household wastes share the bulk of solid waste indiscriminately thrown at. A systematic sample of ten households per barangay, with replacements, were then selected in the final stage of sampling. In the 1998 and 2003 surveys, all provinces were covered and the number of barangays or enumeration areas was based on probability proportional to the number of households

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1997,Barangay census Caramay has a total population of 2,174 people or 480 households, with an average size of 5 people per household. Nanabo or Kabatakan is a sitio principally inhabited by the Bataks, one of the non-Christian groups native to Palawan. The Majority of the residents are Cuyunin and Tagalo Table 2: Number of respondents per flood-prone barangay in Kabacan, North Cotabato, 2013. Barangay Number of Households Sample Size 1. Aringay 642 18 2. Bannawag 651 18 3. Cuyapon 475 13 4. Katidtuan 946 26 5. Kayaga 1701 46 6. Kilagasan 640 17 7. Magatos 467 13 8. Poblacion 3622 99 9. Salapungan 268 7 10.Upper Paatan 464 13 TOTAL 9,876 270. The study was conducted in selected barangays in San Pablo City, Laguna, Philippines. These barangays were chosen based on the number of beneficiary and non-beneficiary households. The 10 barangays with the most number of beneficiary and non-beneficiary households were chosen; five barangays were chosen from urban areas and five from rural areas Barangay Nangka has a total land area of 181.68 hectares. As of year 2004, the estimated population of Nangka is about 40,000 and a household of about 7,000 including the New Balubad Resettlement Site and the Camacho Compound

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