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Best ways to make a rabbit happy 1) Make sure you want one in the first place! This may seem the most obvious but it's also the most over-looked. Don't rush into the decision just because your child suddenly has an interest Make your rabbit happy and healthy by providing plenty of water and the right kind of food. The main component of his diet should be fresh grass or hay. This is very important to keep his teeth and intestines healthy. Avoid mixes containing seeds and flakes as these generally contain sugary items that are bad for teeth Fresh vegetables are a treat for rabbits, and introduce more nutrients to their diet. My House Rabbit lists recommended and suitable vegetables. As a golden rule, dark, leafy greens are best. Concerning water, standard tap water is fine Give your rabbit a pellet food formula with a minimum of 15 to 19% protein content and 18% fiber content. Rabbits over six months old should be given between 1/8 and 1/4 cup of pellet food per five pounds of body weight daily. (So, for example, a ten pound rabbit should be given between 1/4 and 1/2 cup of food every day.

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Rabbits do a Happy' flop or as some call it the 'Dead bunny' flop. If you see your rabbit do this, it means they are very happy & relaxed. From standing they flop on to one side quite quickly and lay still for a few seconds or minutes. A happy relaxed rabbit will also perform what looks like various yoga stretches, along with a big yawn If you're curious, read on to find out what behaviours indicate that your rabbit is happy and healthy. Happy bunnies will do things like dance, lick, hop, chin and run around. 'Cocoa Pop' lifting an ear and hearing something in the distance as she munches the grass happily

Try and spend 15 minutes in the mornings and evenings having some playtime with your rabbit. Build an obstacle course for your rabbit out of cardboard boxes, or newspapers and allow them to let loose Make sure your rabbit is thriving. Feed him or her a good diet with lots of fiber. Make sure he or she stays healthy -- physically examine your rabbit to make sure there is no unusual discharge, his or her teeth are fine, and to be certain the rabbit is not overweight There are some rabbits who also love to play fetch. Make an exclusive entertaining area for your bunnies. You can use a multi-level structure. Be sure of the proper fencing and open shelving The Next is a rabbit's diet your rabbits diet is super important you can't just go to the pet store and pick out any type of pellet and just feed in that because there are so much more to a rabbits diet, in a rabbit's diet they should have 80% hay(Dry Grass) 10% vegetables 5% of a healthy pellet and 5% or less of treats some people prefer.

Yes, you can make your rabbit-like being held by making him trust you. You can use treats while holding them. Handling of your rabbit must be done carefully and safely. Make a stress free environment for your bunny. The holding of a rabbit involves a method that's how you can pick them up without hurting your rabbit and make them feel safe Make sure you keep the litter box clean and the hay refreshed. Put a hay feeder at mouth-level beside the litter box. Attach a hay feeder to the wall next to a rabbit's litter box. Make sure it is at mouth-height so the rabbit can comfortably eat while going potty. Eating hay while going potty is natural for rabbits 1. Time and space for exercise. The first thing you want to do is make sure that your rabbit has enough time and space to exercise. The exercise area that you give your rabbit should be at least 24 square feet. If you have a large rabbit, then they will need even more space to run around and get active

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  1. in this video you can learn about all the rabbit body language signs that indicate your rabbit is happy. If your rabbits does not do all of these you dont ne..
  2. Keep your rabbits happy and occupied. A suitable, neutered rabbit companion is very important. A lone rabbit or one with an unsuitable companion will often remain very nervous and reluctant to come out and explore. In some cases, a single rabbit may become aggressive towards you
  3. Help your rabbit become comfortable and happy around you by talking to it, petting it, and holding it every day. If your rabbit seems shy at first, take things slow and give your rabbit time to come up to you. Don't be surprised if your rabbit is skittish for a while. Regular interaction will make your rabbit feel more relaxed around you

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  1. Get a few fresh ideas on how to make your pet rabbits happy! Read through our 12 ways to keep your bunnies pleased at all times! #rabbits #rabbitcare #pets #petcare #happypet #animallama. Article by Animallama. 102. Rabbit Toys Pet Rabbit Bunny Toys Pet Bunny Rabbits Baby Bunnies Rabbit Behavior Raising Rabbits Pet Guinea Pigs Bunny Care
  2. Rabbit toys you can buy from shops. Tunnels - some have velcro on the ends so you can join them together. Maze Haven. Willow balls. Rabbit-safe toys with bells in. And the best thing of all to keep your rabbit happy and entertained is... a bunny friend! Rabbits are happiest when they have a partner to share life with
  3. This is my 8 month old bunny and I was just feeding him one day and I dropped the jar.it made a sound and he just started to come so I just tried to train hi..
  4. Bunnies absolutely love to chew. Phone books are popular with bunnies who love to shred the pages, so make sure you keep all of your old phone books (you might even ask your friends and family for theirs.) A bunny can go through a phone book pretty quickly. Toilet paper and paper towel rolls are also safe and popular chew toys for bunnies

You need to make sure that your rabbit has enough stimulation. You don't have to spend lots of money on toys, as rabbits will be happy with toilet roll tubes, cardboard boxes with holes cut in them, or stools or small chairs for them to jump on and off In very simple terms, rabbits are happy when they are healthy, well cared for, and have a safe and enriching environment to live in. You will know if your rabbit is happy because they will: Lie down with a relaxed body Lie down with a stretched body, still relaxe Rabbits are very cute a fun-loving animals they need time and care to make unbreakable bonds. So if you see your rabbit is sad after a few weeks or months then its time for you to go in a different direction. Giving them food, water, and other sorts of things and he does not eat them it means he is not happy in your home

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Make sure to provide your bunny with a quiet, snug and safe place to nap. We hope you enjoyed these 6 signs on how to tell if your bunny is happy! If you would like to know more about which rabbit breed is the right one for you, check out our blog, 5 Popular Pet Rabbit Breeds for Families Stock tools & supplies for your garden. Free UK delivery on eligible orders Feeding your rabbit a hay based diet (80% hay, 10% pellets, 10% veg) is the single most important thing you can do to keep your rabbit healthy and happy. Rabbits are designed to... breed. And they do it very well! The gestation period is only four weeks meaning rabbits can have several litters in a year

Understanding your house rabbit, its wild natural behavior, will help you understand what needs to be provided in your home and it should enable you bunny rabbit to have the happiest and most fulfilling time it can, especially if it's kept as a house rabbit. If your rabbit is happy, they will bond with you faster Make sure that your rabbits get enough variety in their day-to-day lives, have plenty of toys and things to entertain them, and get to play outside or in different environments regularly. 6. Keep your rabbit clean Keeping your rabbit, his hutch and all of his equipment clean is vital to keeping your rabbit fit, healthy and comfortable. Cleaning. The easiest way to make sure your rabbits are happy is to meet their 5 Welfare Needs: Health. Make sure your rabbits get regular check-ups and vaccinations to keep them healthy. Keep an eye on their teeth and feed them the right diet to avoid issues, too, as dental problems can be common in rabbits. Behaviour First and foremost: get on your rabbit's level — compared to a human, rabbits are small. Most of the time it's our feet and legs in their field of view. It's hard to build a connection with a pair of legs. To build a relationship with your rabbit you've got to get on the same level. Sit or lie down on the floor

Rabbits are natural diggers. 2  Their wild cousins dig burrows for nesting and to make their homes and our house rabbits dig for fun. This is an instinctual behavior but it can be bothersome and destructive for their humans that love them. Rabbits will also dig on your feet or hands to get your attention Once your rabbit begins to relax in its own home and lays out like its sunbathing, you'll know you have one happy and secure-feeling bunny. How To Make Your Rabbit Feel Less Nervous - Once you get to know your rabbit you'll figure out quickly what makes him scared. Some rabbits are frightened of quick movement, most are frightened of. You need to make your rabbit want to stay - food is great for that! Sit down with your rabbit, offer treats in one hand, and stroke your rabbit with the other. Grooming is a bonding activity between rabbits; it will help strengthen your bond with your rabbit, and that, along with the food, will help make positive associations with touch for. Introduction As small as rabbits are, they can be an adorable addition to any household.. When you do decide to make a rabbit a part of the family, make sure you will provide them with a safe and cozy place to call home.. Below is some necessary information about how to set up for your bunny.We believe it will help you with the happy days ahead Power up your rabbit predator prevention and surround your hutch area and play space with portable electric fencing. 2. Climate & The Elements. Rabbits are known to be quite sensitive to differing climates, in particular extreme heat, so it is important that they are given the care needed to keep the healthy rain, hail or shine, hot or cold

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Have you ever felt at a loss because you do not know how to raise a rabbit? This guide will show you the basics on taking care of them. They are lovely pets and will stay happy if you take care of them properly. If you are a new rabbit owner, make sure you remember these tips Making sure the feet would fit into the bell before adding epoxy. Pinch closed: Finish your feet by closing the bell with your pliers so the bell sides squeeze tight against the foot. Finished key-chains. To watch a video on this process click on the link Happy Hills Homestead Rabbit foot key chai Toys and treats will keep your rabbit entertained for a while but they need to get outside to exercise and stretch their legs. This is why many of the ideas in this guide have been centered around ideas that focus on making your rabbits run a fun place for it to be Give your rabbit more space. Most hutches and cages sold at pet shops are too small for a rabbit to live in. Rabbits can become depressed if they are cooped up. They need access to a 32-square-feet enclosure for at least 3 hours per day. Vary your rabbit's surroundings. Take your rabbit to a different room to allow it to explore the new smells This is a happy rabbit, content and in a great frame of mind. Playing Rabbits like to push or toss objects around - even bowls and/or litterboxes. Give your rabbit some toys and watch the fun! Happy feet Hind feet are stretched out fully behind your rabbit. Means I'm relaxed and comfortable but ready to move at a moments notice. Nippin

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And any rabbit owner knows a bored bunny is a destructive bunny. Follow these tips to make your bunny a happy bunny. Read more » Logic Toys for Rabbits. Rabbits are naturally curious and smart. They are often quite playful and food motivated, which opens up the doors for logic toys designed to sharpen the mind and offer an interesting. An important part of rabbit care is to clean your rabbit's cage on a regular basis to help prevent any illnesses. Cleaning the cage itself can be done with a white vinegar diluted with water (4:1 ratio). Make sure that everything you washed is dry before you put it back in the cage A rabbit is an adorable furry creature to keep as a pet - given that they are tame. Once you bring your new bunny home you'll find that getting your rabbit comfortable around you will be one of your first obstacles to cross. Luckily for you, I've created this simple guide which includes 8 ways to help you get your rabbit to trust you. 1 Keeping your rabbit outside. Keeping a rabbit outdoors cuts his average life span in half.Outdoor rabbits face extremes of heat and cold, risk of illness and predators.Wherever you live, there are wild animals who want to eat your bunny - and even if they don't get inside his hutch, a rabbit can have a heart attack just from seeing a predator outside his cage

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  1. 4. Binkying. When a rabbit binkies, it leaps in the air and flips its ears around. Binkies mean that your bunny is happy and content and is not afraid to show you! If you like, you can mimic this motion by flipping your hair around to show your bunny that you're happy too. 5. Lying Down and Chilling Out
  2. (My Rabbit ofc)I Good luck rabbit owners with your rabbit! Hope they'll love you back! Jess-Jess (18054) 509 days ago . Hey, Terl! My best guess is that you simply have a curious and social bun who likes human attention! It's totally possible - and ok! - that a bunny makes friends with other people and therefore obviously enjoys their company.
  3. Make a digging box. Use any big storage box that is low enough for your bunnies to hop into - it could be an old potting tray or an under-bed storage box - and fill it with garden earth so your rabbits can have fun digging in it. If you're happy to let them dig within their run, make sure they can't tunnel their way out and into danger
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All you have to do is keep em fed and make sure they don't get sick. Since nerf i had two animals in total that got sick, So it really isn't that bad (In my case anyways) And if you keep em fed you'll get great EXP (Unless one of em has that negative happiness perk) 2. level 1. Concordia_chaos Best Rabbit Food to Make Your Pet a Happy Little Fluff Ball When we see the audience are uploading their healthy bunny pictures on Instagram inbox, feel really happy. Because they applied our recommended diet chart on their pet -for example, Timothy Hay Pet Food and then they knock us to share experience about pet behavior A mentally stimulated rabbit is a happy rabbit and a happy rabbit is usually a healthy rabbit. This is why enrichment for your rabbit is a necessity. A variety of toys that make your rabbit pick things up, crawl into and over items, and use their brain to get to treats hidden inside, are easy and fun ways to provide enrichment opportunities To rabbit proof your home means to make it as resistant as possible to the habit of chewing that rabbits have. If you plan on leaving your bunny friend roam around your home free, then you definitely need to think about this. How to Rabbit Proof Your Home

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  1. Have you got cute funny toys for your pets to make them happy? No? you better get them from Inspire uplift to make sure your pets can have the best inside yo..
  2. A relaxed rabbit is really a happy rabbit because this is part of having a good relationship with your rabbit is being in touch. This shows your rabbit that you are not just there for food and water, but that you truly are providing another pleasant experience which maybe they will be more likely to come up on your lap and sit with you
  3. Somebunny's day is about to get a whole lot better. The Easter season generally gets people swooning over the cuteness of adorable bunnies, but we think cute bunny pictures can brighten your day.
  4. ance is a natural part of rabbit social life. Once we understand how to recognize truly aggressive behavior and what causes it, we can make necessary adjustments to help return to a calm and happy life and relationship with our precious pets
  5. Keeping your animals safe and warm at night isn't the only way to keep them happy. Daily conversations with the chickens, cows, goats and other animals on the farm will improve the moods of your livestock. Happy animals produce more milk and eggs, occasionally even providing large versions of each, and that means more money for your farmer
  6. The cold weather may cause your bun to acquire health issues that can be fatal if ignored. This is why you have to make a warm environment for your rabbit and make sure that there is enough water and exercise. In this article, we will discuss the steps you can take to keep your bun warm for the winter season

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Ina Wave Rabbit Vibrator. Buy It, $169. If you love feeling your partner's finger inside you, try the Ina Wave. A lot of users tell us that the INA Wave is the toy that allowed them to squirt for the first time, says Stuart Nugent, educator and brand manager with LELO, the sex-toy company responsible for this product Aside from making your animal unhealthy in these ways, it can also make it so your animal is less able to survive a trip to the vet when it becomes necessary. A rabbit that has had no exercise has a weak heart and is prone to heart attack at the time of a trip to the vet and is more likely to die under anesthesia if this becomes necessary Rabbits love exploring and will happily play with all sorts of pet-safe toys, which is a great way to make sure they get enough exercise. Make sure they've got a bunny-friendly home. It's so important that your rabbits have a large hutch and constant access to a safe, secure run to enjoy Produce Main article: Animals A mature Rabbit produces Wool every 4th day, which sells for 340g.You do not have to shear rabbits to get wool, as they will drop it on their own. Once sufficient friendship and happiness is reached, it can also produce a Rabbit's Foot instead of wool, which sells for 565g.. A baby rabbit is mature on the sixth morning after it is purchased, if it is fed every day

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  1. Have your rabbit neutered between ages 3 1/2 to 6 months, depending on sexual maturity, by an experienced rabbit veterinarian. For rabbits more than 2 years old, get a veterinary checkup first. Housetraining Rabbits may have free run of the home. However, it's best for most--and necessary for some--to start with a cage. To make cage time.
  2. Get to Know Your Rabbit: Directed by Brian De Palma. With Tom Smothers, John Astin, Katharine Ross, Orson Welles. A young business executive hates the direction his life is taking, and decides to make some changes. He becomes a struggling (but happy) tap-dancing magician. His old boss is financially ruined, but finds a way to bounce back by commercialising his career change
  3. i box where it can barely move, we mean a cage large enough for the bunny to exercise, and equipped for the hygiene and comfort necessary to make a bunny happy. For example, the cage cannot miss a water container, food or sandbox to do their potty time in
  4. Then, place a rabbit litter box in one of the corners so your rabbit has somewhere to relieve itself. Also, put a food dish in the cage and attach a sipper drinker to the side of the cage so your rabbit can get water when it's thirsty. Don't forget to put some toys in the cage, like a cardboard tube or a ball, so your rabbit doesn't get bored
  5. Rabbits require vaccinations to help prevent other diseases — keep your pet rabbit's vaccine current. Make sure your veterinarian is experienced with rabbits or find another professional that is familiar with exotic pets. Check the droppings regularly for evidence of flies. Flies can lay eggs and cause a fatal condition called flystrike

If your rabbit gets overweight, it may develop illnesses and serious problems in the spine. Adequate Room Space. It is not the same to own a rabbit as to own a Flemish Giant, as far as room space is concerned. These bunnies are not meant for small spaces. If you are considering acquiring one of these rabbits, keep in mind that these rabbits. How to make Halloween a safe and happy time for your bunny. How to make Halloween decorations safe, manage guests and make sure you and your bunny enjoy this special time together. Can I compost my bunny litter? Is it OK to use my rabbit's used litter or poops as compost in the garden and which litter is most suitable Rabbits that are grinding their teeth due to happiness or comfort will usually make a quiet noise that sounds similar to a cat purring. It will be a slower noise than if the rabbit is grinding its teeth due to pain. If your rabbit is grinding its teeth due to pain, it will usually be a louder, faster noise that sounds more like a person. Amazing guide that will teach you all that you need to know about to have a pet rabbit, like the different breeds of rabbit, how to distinguish a healthy rabbit and how to take care of it. First by teaching you the history of rabbits and their bound with humans, then you all the cares that you need to know like nail clipping, cleaning, etc

How to be happy while using Social Media It is said that humans can only handle so much information. In the age of social media, it seems we are testing that theory. Social media being the heart of heated arguments, lost causes, dire warnings and the occasional hug from a distant friend. It can all get overwhelming and depressing. We need a formula for managing social media, while attempting. Match with your little ones in the cute elephant printed Roller Rabbit® Hathi Pajamas. Kids sizes sold separately. • Long sleeve crew neck with straight hemline. • Half button closure at front. • Cuffed at wrists. • Elasticized waistline. • Cuffed at ankles. 100% cotton. Machine wash on gentle cycle, line dry A rabbit-style lucky dip! Try hanging a length of string up across your rabbit's run. Use wooden clothes pegs to hang vegetable goodies to your pet's 'washing line.'. This task will require some determination on your bunny's part. (Make sure the string you use is rabbit friendly, most common strings are plastic coated and definitely.

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Make sure you also check out my other post about turning your rabbit into a happy bunny in 5 steps. 1. Take things slow when bonding with your bunny. Serious. You rush into things, you will make mistakes. Rabbits have long memories and they hold grudges. I'm not joking. If I annoy my bunnies at the start of a play time session, they are more. Rabbits are very curious animals, so your bun may just be distracted by all the potential mischief to be had. Bunnies have very distinct personalities. With time and patience, you will learn what makes your bunny happy. And in return, your bunny will come to trust and appreciate you Your rabbit will be happy to nibble on them. Placing treats in key places will make your rabbit move more and you will have even more fun with your friend. Check out these links to learn more about playing with a phone book (yes, newspaper ink is safe for your bunny) or a cardboard box (if your rabbit is into chewing use less cardboard) Here are two humane things to try if your rabbit is being a bit ornery: Shout no or clap your hands. Thump your foot, like a rabbit, to convey your displeasure. You can help reduce undesirable behavior in your rabbit by spaying or neutering, bunny proofing your house, and providing plenty of toys

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She is happy and healthy. It is important to watch that your rabbit has an appetite and is drinking plenty of water during the heat. courtesy of Great Lakes Rabbit Rescue With many parts of the country under an excessive heat watch, it is really important to keep a close eye on our furry friends. Just stepping outside yesterday for a few. The first way would be in your refrigerator which can take a full day to defrost and should be used within 2 days of thawing. Another option is to defrost frozen rabbit meat in cold water. Make sure your rabbit is in a sealed bag and submerge it in cold water (never warm). You should change the water out every 30 minutes until thawed completely Consider this vibrator from Happy Rabbit, which has an anal-beads attachment for instant butt play. If you're going to experiment with this three-way babe, don't forget to add a good water-based lube The Happy Feet ability works with the Rabbit Hat. There is a bug where the Happy Feet ability will always be maxed out regardless of pet level. Legendary Rabbits can boost other people's minions as a guest. If two or more people on the same island have Legendary Rabbit Pets, the person who has been there the longest will be the one who boosts. Your rabbit hops up and nudges your shin with his nose: You're in my path. Make way, buddy. Tooth-grinding. You and your rabbit are sitting together on the floor, listening to a ball game on the radio. you hear a strange noise and notice that she seems to be chewing something - like rocks, maybe, from the sound of it: I'm very happy

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A playful rabbit is a happy rabbit. So, if your little fluffer wants to play with you or if they're playing with their toys it's one of the strongest signs of a happy bunny there is. Ron's favourite toys are: Our Pick. All Weather Flexible Bunny Warren Fun Tunnel. £6.99 Lonely rabbit after the death of a bonded partner. A rabbit will get very lonely after the death of its bonded partner. Rabbits are very social animals and require a companion to remain happy and healthy. Rabbits build a strong relationship with their partner and the death of their partner will cause severe stress and depression in a rabbit

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Give your bunny some cool digs made from repurposed furniture. Cabinets and book shelves make especially nice DIY rabbit hutches. These ideas won't break the bank and will be sure to make your rabbits happy. DIY Rabbit Hutches 1. Elegant Bunny Hutch Dresse How to make a rabbit digging box. Making one is not a very difficult task. All you need is a box and a substrate they can dig and shred. The box should either be unchewable or safe in case they chew it. Step 1: Choose a box to use. When choosing a box, it should be large and deep enough to allow your furry friend to burrow deep into it Whatever lube you use, make sure it is a gentle, water-based product, which will help maintain the integrity of your vibe and keep UTIs, bacterial vaginosis, or yeast infections at bay. Get creative The Rabbit Welfare Association and Fund gave us some basic tips to ensure your rabbit lives a happy life, including homing rabbits in pairs, providing running space for your rabbit and feeding them the correct diet - but added enrichment is also important. A large empty space for your rabbit to run around isn't enough. Rabbits need mental. Your rabbit thumps to communicate his strong emotions like fear, danger or displeasure and even happiness. When a rabbit is happy, he runs around plays. He might stop for a minute to thump and then run around again. Rabbit owners say their pet rabbit sometimes greets them every morning running in circles and thumping

Just like cats and dogs, bunnies are happy to have free rein of their homes. Raising a free-roam bunny means that they will spend little to no time in a rabbit cage or hutch, instead having the ability to explore your home freely. If you think a free ranging cage-free lifestyle is the right fit for you and your bunny, here is a short guide to. A playful rabbit is a happy rabbit. So, if your little fluffer wants to play with you or if they're playing with their toys it's one of the strongest signs of a happy bunny there is Step 7: Add Rabbit Ramps. Rabbits love the ability to come and go as they please. We built entrance ramps on both sides of the hutch. Although they may look steep, our rabbits had no difficulty with these. You can lay a rock at the base of the ramp to soften the slope. Add a latch to hold the ramp closed If your rabbit has the snuffles, don't make the mistake of writing it off as a cold. Rabbits don't catch human colds. If your bunny friend is sneezing or has a runny nose or runny eyes ( especially if the discharge is white in color and gelled), they may be suffering from an upper respiratory infection and need to be seen by a.

80+ Hare-Raisingly Bunny Puns That Will Crack You Up. Nothing is cuter than a bunny — and nothing is funnier than these bunny puns. Bunnies are adorable. They make the perfect pets, because they are quiet, easy to clean up after, and have a relatively long lifespan — not to mention how cute and cuddly they are Thank you! also make sure you close the door at night or when it's raining, that seems to have made a difference for me. fill your coop with hay. make a fence around the coop. open their door in the day, close at night. I read somewhere that the earlier you go to bed, they better the chance of large eggs Now lets talk about the 5 ways that you can make money with backyard meat rabbits! Let me start by saying that I do not advocate making your rabbits a full-time business or getting into rabbits for the sole purpose of making money. The best thing you're going to do with backyard meat rabbits is to feed yourself and your family Rabbit Care Guide for New Owners. If you have a bunny as pet, you need to learn how to take care of him.Rabbits have certain needs that you need to fulfill so that they can live a happy, long, and healthy life.. Caring for a pet rabbit requires discipline and knowledge. Therefore, it is important to follow the rabbit care guide for new owners

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I am happy to report that yes, it did. However, I am not taking another picture of his poop. That's just weird. Summary. Always monitor your rabbit's output. While dark, moist poop may indicate a need for diet change, small dark poops may be a sign of the more serious GI stasis. Watery diarrhea or leftover (uneaten) cecotropes are also. Rabbits primarily communicate non-verbally using body language, but they do make a surprising number of noises. Grunting or 'honking' Probably the most common rabbit noise, this is usually made by unneutered males as a sign of wanting to mate and is often accompanied by circling another rabbit or your feet Likewise, virtually any evergreen trees or shrubs can provide much-needed sustenance to rabbit families. Consider installing wire mesh fencing around any trees, shrubs, or other plants in your yard. Keep about a foot of space between the plants and the fence. Make sure the mesh extends a couple inches underground, too, so rabbits don't dig. These must-have ferret supplies benefit your ferret to make and keep it happy: 1. Food And Drink. Good, nourishing food and fresh, clean water are important to keep your ferret happy and healthy. Give a few ferret-safe treats now and then to really brighten your pet's day. 2 Learning them is also a great way to get very familiar with your keyboard! I showed you how to make some smiley faces and other basic emoticons with your keyboard in a previous Tech Tip - that's a good place to get started. If you're having a blast with emoticons and want to learn a more, then here are animals, expressions and other fun.