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Perhaps the biggest example of American history misunderstood is the Confederate flag. Critics and fans alike have long used the flag to symbolize racism, hatred and oppression. However, the Confederate flag isn't actually about any of these things The confederate flag is not RACIST! The confederate flag is not racist because the Civil War was about States Rights and and anybody who wants to say it is racist is a complete idiot. The actual confederate flag was not stars and bars it was however 13 stars in a circle in a field of red Members of the Ku Klux Klan yell as they fly Confederate flags during a rally at the statehouse in Columbia, South Carolina Credit: R A poll by YouGov asked 34,000 Americans whether they thought the Confederate flag represented racism or heritage. The results showed 41 percent of Americans consider the Confederate flag to represent racism So, it is possible to view the Confederate Flag as racist or not. Some may incorporate the history of racism with it and others may look past it and only incorporate the subtle cultural nuances of the south, and have pride in that

The Confederate flag does not represent and never has represented racism. It's a symbol of the southern heritage, representing freedom, states rights, individual responsibility, and resistance to an out of control federal government. It may be true that some racists have used the Confederate flag, but racists also wave the American flag The Confederate flag is seen next to the monument of the victims of the Civil War in Columbia, South Carolina on June 20, 2015. The racially divisive Confederate battle flag flew at full-mast despite others flying at half-staff in South Carolina after the killing of nine black people in an historic African-American church in Charleston on June 17 The Confederate Flag Is Pure Racism (Not Southern Heritage) They claim the battle flag represents their Southern heritage, as if that heritage comprises an innocent history of mint juleps and..

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  1. Why the Confederate Flag is not a racist symbol Forewords from the Director Two Flags, one history, one Nation Before going on, least someone brands this as an apologist attempt, let me say that I'm a staunch, passionate liberal, who abhors any form of racism or other arbitrary prevarication of the individual
  2. Those between 55 and 64 say the Confederate flag represents heritage (41% to 36%), which is a margin that only widens for Americans over 65 (49% vs. 32%). In contrast, a plurality of adults under 44 years old affiliate the Confederate flag with racism. America's youngest adults say with certainty that the flag represents racism over heritage
  3. ently in Gone with the flag was clearly associated with racist opposition to civil rights and with umbrage at perceived government intrusion into the lives.
  4. The surreal quality of the present moment in American life is hard to miss. One element in the dreamscape is discussions of the Confederate flag as a symbol still held dear by some Americans, 155 years after the Civil War. NASCAR, for one, will now forbid displays of the flag at races, though it's hard to see how that will be policed

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  1. The racist organization such as the KKK have taken a good symbol of history, and have misled the south that the Confederate flag is a racist symbol and that they stand behind the idea of it. They just want the good memories of the great Confederate Soldiers that fought under the flag would not be happy with their racist plans of it
  2. That is true, for example, of South Carolina governor Nikki Haley. When she first ran for that office five years ago, Haley insisted that the Confederate battle flag was not something that is..
  3. The flag that the KKK flies on a regular basis is the U.S. flag. The two chapters that fly the Confederate flag, are in Ohio and New York, both Northern states. The Leader of the KKK has even sent out a memo not to fly the Confederate flag, it seems they don't want to be associated with the flag; which is just fine with us Southerners
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  5. The answer is, quite simply, that the Confederate Flag is a historical symbol that has primarily been used by racists. At the outset of the Civil War, the Confederate States of America adopted a..
  6. Six decades before the Nazi swastika became an instantly recognizable symbol of white supremacists, the Confederate battle flag flew over the forces of the insurgent Confederate States of America -..
  7. Is the flag a quintessentially racist symbol? we cannot have the Confederate flag waving in the state capitol, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP.

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  1. A July 2020 Quinnipiac poll showed that 55% of Southerners saw the Confederate flag as a symbol of racism, with a similar percentage for Americans as a whole. A YouGov poll of over 34,000 Americans reported that 41% viewed the flag as representing racism, and 34% viewed it as symbolizing heritage
  2. A man carries a Confederate flag at the January 6 rally of President Trump's supporters that led to an armed siege of the U.S. Capitol. Although this Civil War relic has been denounced as a hate..
  3. Mpls City Council Recognizes the Confederate Flag as a Hate Symbol July 28, 2021. The Minneapolis City Council adopted a resolution recognizing the Confederate flag as a symbol of hate and white supremacy. The resolution cites that opponents to the Black Lives Matter movement have used the flag to intimidate protestors and perpetuate v

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The Confederate flag became a symbol of protest against civil rights and in support of Jim Crow. segregation. It also became the object of a high-profile, youth-driven nationwide phenomenon that the media dubbed the flag fad.. Many pundits suspected that underlying the fad was a lingering Dixiecrat sentiment No one has ever called me racist — except my children. When I was young, my parents hung a Confederate flag in our home. I remember it fondly because I remember them fondly. Recently, our town.

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How the Confederate battle flag became an enduring symbol of racism. A man carries a Confederate flag at the January 6 rally of President Trump's supporters that led to an armed siege of the U.S. Scientific Racism and the Confederate Flag. Center for Science and Culture - David Klinghoffer • 2d. Alexander H. Stephens was Vice President of the Confederacy. In 1861 he delivered an oration justifying slavery and rebellion on scientific Read more on evolutionnews.org. The Confederate flag is a symbol of racism and treason. The CSA was a pro slavery insurection against the United States. It's memory as something good has only survived because of the lost cause myth and the general misunderstanding about what caused the war The Confederate flag is one of the more common white supremacist symbols. Although still used by non-extremists, especially in the South, as a symbol of Southern heritage or history, a growing number of people recognize it as a hate symbol

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  1. The Confederate flag has a long and troubling past. For decades now the burning question has been is the confederate flag racist? Depending on who is being asked, some will say the flag is a symbol of their heritage others will say it is a symbol of hate and racism
  2. The Confederate battle flag is associated with pride in Southern heritage, states' rights, historical commemoration of the American Civil War, glorification of the Civil War and celebrating the Myth of the Lost Cause, racism, slavery, segregation, white supremacy, intimidation of African-Americans, historical negationism, and treason
  3. The Confederate Flag was created on March of 1861, as the official flag of the Confederates. The flag is still around to this day, and has developed controversy on the topic itself. Some people believe that the confederate flag is apart of history, while others believe it is a sign of racism and injustice that should not exist in today's society
  4. Such a flag would be a suitable emblem of our young confederacy, and sustained by the brave hearts and strong arms of the south, it would soon take rank among the proudest ensigns of the nations, and be hailed by the civilized wold as THE WHITE MAN'S FLAG. So yes, the Confederate flag symbolizes racism

Sure, the flag is supposed to represent the South - but in reality, it's still as racist as anything. Here are the reasons I, as a white Southern person, and others like me, once thought it was acceptable to fly that flag, and why we were incredibly wrong. 1. But It's Supposed to Represent Southern Culture Why is the Confederate flag considered racist? Although some take pride in its history, the battle flag also became a potent symbol of slavery and white supremacy in the United States. Today Neo. To some, it is likely percieved as such, to othrrs not so much and to others yet, not at all, it is even a sense of pride or history to others. It all depends on where your head is at, the flag is simply a simbol of southern history. For those of. Lies I learned as a Southerner: Racism, the Confederate flag and why so many white Southerners revere a symbol of hatred Myths about the Lost Cause, never mentioning race, came from our schools.

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About 57% of Americans see the Confederate flag more as a symbol of Southern pride than as a symbol of racism, the poll says. Opinions of the flag are sharply divided by race, and among whites. Though the battle flag is widely thought to be the official Confederate flag, with many considering the flag to be a modern-day symbol of racism and slavery while others argue that it speaks. Racists Ruined the Confederate Flag for Lynyrd Skynyrd. To the last original member of Lynyrd Skynyrd, abandoning the Confederate flag signified the band cutting its ties to racism, the Ku Klux. the flag is not meant to be racist. The word racism and racist is thrown around loosely these days. The flag was just a battle flag that the south used as their flag. Many African Americans willingly fought for this flag. They were smart enough to see what was about to happen. It was just a battle flag. It is just a flag

The Confederate Flag Is a Matter of Pride and Heritage, Not Hatred. Ben Jones is the chief of heritage operations for the Sons of Confederate Veterans. He served in the House of Representatives as. EXAMPLE: The Movie White Chicks Being Projected Onto A Plain Flag This is a less prevalent manifestation of flag racism, but nevertheless, chalk it up as a 6/10, or Racist. The good news is that this 6/10 score can be quickly downgraded to a 1/10 by turning off the projector The Confederate Flag Is a Racist Symbol. Just Ask the KKK. On July 18, on the grounds of the South Carolina Statehouse, a Ku Klux Klan group plans to hold a rally in support of the Confederate flag The confederate flag is a symbol or racism. The confederate flag may have started by being a symbol of succession, but it was also the brand to show off white power. It is a symbol of a time when white people wanted to keep slavery and not participate with the American belief that all men are created equal

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  1. Confederate flag is a racist symbol. John Dunphy. Dec. 12, 2019 Updated: Dec. 12, 2019 5:13 p.m. Nikki Haley, the former South Carolina governor and ex-ambassador to the United Nations, is either.
  2. The Confederate Battle Flag Stood for Racism A long line of politicians from South Carolina and other southern states who glorified the lost cause. The Good Men Projec
  3. Fifty-seven percent of Americans continue to believe the Confederate flag is a symbol of Southern pride and not racism, according to a new CNN/ORC poll, but the opinions are divided sharply along racial lines. The opinion on the flag remains about the same as it was 15 years ago, when 59 percent said they saw the flag as a sign of pride, the random poll of 1,017 Americans revealed, reports CNN
  4. Defending The Confederate Flag Isn't Racist, But You Should Still Give Up The Fight. Since the Charleston shooting, wherein a young man named Dylann Roof shot and killed nine people in a South Carolina church, the country has been hotly debating the Confederate flag. While many people from the South defend the flight of the Confederate battle.

The Confederate battle flag was incorporated in to the state flag's design in 1956, a symbol of the state's opposition to racial integration, according to a report by the state Senate in 2000 Residents in one Cudahy neighborhood were shocked to see a home flying Confederate flags and an upside-down American flag. Racism has no place in this world, one activist said prior to a march.

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The Confederate flag is gone from the Mississippi and South Carolina statehouses. But public opinion on the meaning of the symbols of the Confederacy remains divided along racial and regional lines, part of a larger disagreement over the significance of the Civil War revealed in multiple polls over the last quarter-century The Confederate flag's ties with slavery are why many people find the flag offensive.Subscribe at: https://goo.gl/vai8EuFind ABC10 online: https://www.abc10... The Confederate Flag: A Heritage of Racism August 6, 2020 August 3, 2020 / janelied Not that long ago on Facebook (yes, some of us are still on that cesspool of a platform secretly hoping someone like Oprah will one day buy out Zuckerburg and peace will reign once again on that platform), a friend shared a post I had found regarding the. Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush called the Confederate flag a racist symbol on Monday, lauding South Carolina's efforts to remove it from the Capitol and pointing to a similar.

For them, the flag does not symbolize slavery or racism but standing up to an overbearing federal government. BBC's Tom Geoghegan looked to Barry Isenhour, a member of a heritage group fighting to erect a large Confederate flag on a major road in Virginia, for insight on motivations behind flying the flag. According to Isenhour, the flag would. The results showed 41 percent of Americans consider the Confederate flag to represent racism. For 31 percent of Americans, however - particularly adults that live in rural communities, non-college. Nearly half of Americans consider displaying the Confederate flag as merely expressing Southern pride, compared to just over one third who consider it a symbol of racism, according to a poll The legacy of the Confederate flag has always been one of systemic racism, oppression, and subjugation, and its own designer would not have denied that In a nutshell, the Confederate Flag is viewed today as a symbol of slavery, racism and of white supremacy, although in the past it was predominantly a symbol of Southern heritage. Like many other symbols that have changed meaning over time (think the Swastika or the Odal Rune ) the Confederate Flag also has undergone a transformation

Prior to Roof's massacre, the South Carolina NAACP had waged a 15-year boycott against the state for its [Confederate] flag display, Johnson says. And I was one of several plaintiffs in a. The U.S. flag and South Carolina state flag flies at half staff to honor the nine people killed in the Charleston murders as the confederate battle flag also flies on the grounds of the South. ‎In June 2015 an American anti-racist activist climbed a flagpole on the South Carolina state house grounds to take down the Confederate flag. The protest followed the killing of 9 black people at a historic Charleston church by a white supremacist who was pictured holding the flag. We discuss the

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I am not American, I am Australian. But fun fact, America was founded on racism and slavery, and the American flag flown during 99% of the racism was in fact the standard American flag (except it had less stars in the past etc). When some weird pe.. S ymbolic statements are significant, as are the changes in the official use of the Confederate flag: The removal of a symbol so closely associated with white supremacy is a good thing in and of itself, particularly if the battle flag actually stimulates racism, as one experimental study by psychologists has suggested. If the flag debate can be. While I understand the Confederate flag was co-opted as a racist symbol by hate groups like the KKK, as your column pointed out, it started as a symbol of rebellion, the reader wrote What up people. Lots of talk about removing the confederate flag and racist statues and monuments around the world. Let's make sense of it all. INDULGE!Creat..

There's simply no justifying flying the Confederate flag, in the States or elsewhere, and no way to divorce it from the racism that will forever stain its crooked red, white and blue However, the common association of the Confederate Flag with racist ideals is well-documented. Here are a few quick facts. The Confederate Flag as we know it today was the Confederacy's Battle Flag He said he had no intention of debating that the Confederate flag is protected under the First Amendment, but said he also would not debate that the flag has ties to racist beliefs and organizations

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So, does the Confederate flag represent heritage or racism? I argue that it represents both; using the flag as a symbol to oppose racial desegregation is a sign of racism and hate, but also Southern heritage that causes many to be proud of being a Southerner. While many White Southerners who support the flag would disagree that the flag. A video clip of a 2015 debate about the Confederate Flag at Shawnee Mission East high school shows Christopher Justice explaining why it is racist In no way is the Confederate Flag a symbol of hate, racism, or slavery. The flag stood for the C.S.A. (Confederate States of America) and the Articles of Conferation (C.S.A.'s Declaration of Independance). People today have made it into a symbol of hate or racism. One reason, being hate groups (ie., the KKK)

Daniella Gibbs Léger said the history of the Confederate flag is one of racism, oppression, and hate.. She added, To try to separate those two things is ridiculous.. As a people we. The Confederate Flag and Racism: A Historian's Perspective. In the wake of last week's tragedy in South Carolina, Americans, including myself, have dealt with the situation in the best way we know how: posting about it on Facebook. Against the advice of my wife, I decided to get into a couple of online debates about the propriety of flying. Myths & Misunderstandings | The Confederate Flag. Heritage, not Hate is the familiar bumper sticker defense of the Confederate flag. It has evoked equally pithy responses, such as Your Heritage is Hate and Heritage of Hate.. A moment's reflection reveals that the Heritage versus Hate slogan war is a false dichotomy Take a long look at this flag. It's the flag of a long dead and defeated country. It's the symbol of division and slavery.To say otherwise is forsaking the original intention of the Confederate States of America.To doubt that nullifies the very reason 625,000 souls perished in the Civil War.. For the Confederates Slavery was an inherent right, and protecting this right was even built.

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The Psychological Power of the Confederate Flag. An experiment in Political Psychology points to just how powerful the confederate flag continues to be in stirring up racist attitudes among whites. The Supreme Court recently heard a case about a proposed specialty Texas license plate featuring a Confederate flag Confederate flag: Racist symbol or emblem of 'country' lifestyle. I'm not racist. I'm friends with all races and all genders, to me the [Confederate] flag stands for the redneck way of life, though there is much more and it's nothing to do with hate or racism.. -- Ray Dumont. by Heather Bellow. Posted on July 14, 2015

NPR's Sarah McCammon speaks with Daniel Pierce, a NASCAR historian and a University of North Carolina, Asheville professor, about the history of racism and the Confederate flag in stock car racing Too many people think the confederate flag is racist! Mostly those of the Northern States. Come to the south and you'll people of many races waving the flag. The Confederacy had more then just one flag, but for my purposes I am talking about the Southern Cross which is the most known flag. The Confederate Battle Flag was carried by troops in. Keywords confederacy confederate flag confederate monuments civil war racism u.s. history Charlottesville The young person's guide to conquering (and saving) the world

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Woman burns Confederate flag after finding out it's racist. Comedian sees shows cancelled thanks to his hideous racist tweets. 1 day ago. 125,000 people sign petition demanding Euro 2020 final is replayed. 17 hours ago In the 1990s, many Southern state legislatures attempted to allow the use of the Confederate flag as a part of its political and civic heritage, since they consider it a part of the American history and do not view the flag as a representation of racism or any form of superiority While some argue the Confederate flag is a statement of Southern pride, over the years it has come to be viewed by many as an offensive and racist symbol. Confederate flag on Dictionary.com on June 11, 2020 due to a NASCAR decision to prohibit the flag at all its racing events and properties The controversy over the Confederate flag keeps threatening to devolve into a seminar in semiotics. What does the flag really symbolize—racism or Southern heritage

Jeb Bush: Confederate Flag 'Racist'. In South Carolina on Monday, former Florida Governor Jeb Bush said the Confederate flag is racist symbol. When he was Florida's governor in 2001, Bush ordered a flag with a Confederate flag symbol in the corner be removed from Florida's Capitol grounds. At Monday's campaign event, Bush said. The First National Confederate Flag is correctly known as the Stars & Bars. The Confederate Battle Flag is known as the Southern Cross. MYTH - The Confederate Battle Flag represents racism today. FACT - The Confederate Battle Flag today finds itself in the center of much controversy and hoopla going on in several states. The cry to take.

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The Confederate Flag IS NOT Racist Discussion in 'Black America Forum' started by Shaolin Bomber, Sep 14, 2010. Tags: confederate; Page 2 of 2 < Prev 1 2. Sep 14, 2010 #31. mon3y jackson thug nasty. 5,916 885. Jan 9, 2010 Ratings: +35,661 / 1 / -0. it is racist when i was in hs my school was shut down for a week because of that flag in february. The subject of racism and the confederate flag. This episode of the The Golden Palace aired December 4, 1992 on CBS. You can see that the message they put into it still stands today Alabama has long distanced itself from Confederate flag. In the '80s, Alabama often used the Confederate battle flag, whose public display is now the subject of intense national debate, as part. Lewis said his association with the Confederate battle flag has nothing to do with racism. He flies the flag as a symbol of his distaste with the federal government Jul 08, 2015. A Cork hurling fan waves the Confederate flag at a game. INPHO/Patrick Bolger. The Washington Post has named two Irish groups who continue to fly the racist Confederate flag. In a. The Confederate Flag Is A Symbol Of Southern Pride 1830 Words | 8 Pages. Another avenue of views about the controversy that the Confederate flag fuels racism or gives our impressionable young men and women an avenue to racism tendencies comes from our political parties and the platforms that they adopt