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  3. The BORDOODLE--The Smartest Doodle in the World. Also known as Borderdoodles, our cross involves AKC Ranked #1 Smartest Dog, the Border Collie with AKC Ranked #2 Smartest Dog, the poodle. Not only are the resulting puppies highly intelligent, but they mature to be extremely athletic and agile dogs
  4. Aussiedoodles Bordoodles and French Boodles by Doodle Run Kennels in Virginia - we are a breeder of f1 Aussiedoodle puppies and Bordoodle puppies in Northern Virginia. Close to Maryland, W. Virginia, Richmond, we sell our puppies nationwide
  5. i and medium size Bordoodles. We breed our well known and competitive line of Border Collies to
  6. Specializing in Bordoodle puppies, the team at Turk Family Farm is committed to sharing the love of smart and loving puppies for families. They offer both F1 and F1b Bordoodle puppies, which have different percentages of Border Collie to Standard Poodle ratios. An F1 Bordoodle will be 50% Poodle and 50% Border Collie

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Upcoming Bordoodle litters. We are now accepting reservations on our upcoming Bordoodles. Please keep in mind, as always, Mother Nature is in control and we cannot guarantee our mothers will have puppies. All families will get to choose their puppy in the order deposits are received We breed Aussiedoodle and Bordoodle puppies from some of the top lines in the country. Our puppies make great family pets because they are intelligent, healthy and highly-socialized. Welcoming new potential families into our extended family circle is a BIG DEAL to us Bordoodle Puppies! 2021 is here! If you're planning for a new family member, we're going to have some amazing puppies to choose from! But contact us soon, as waiting lists are quickly filling up. We'll have Bordoodles litters with Rosa, Dicey and our newest member of the family, stunning little Patsy Cline, our blue merle Border Collie

- Bordoodle - the Perfect Family Dog. A Bordoodle is the Perfect Combination of the World's Two Smartest Dogs, the Border Collie and the Poodle and is a great choice for people who like the attributes and intelligence of a Border Collie and want a non-shedding coat. Combining these two amazing breeds greatly reduces or even Eliminates Allergens & Shedding and they are Great Looking Dogs. Mountain Rose Bordoodles. A Bordoodle, also known as Borderdoodle, Border Doodle, and Border Collie Poodle, is a hybrid cross between a Border Collie and Poodle, the two smartest dogs in the world!As an experienced Bordoodle breeder, we're so proud to make available for adoption the smartest and healthiest Bordoodle puppies in the world

F1 & F2 Mini Bernedoodles. Scroll down to see our current litters. Our puppies are usually reserved long before they're born. If you would like to be included on the wait list for these and future litters, click the link below Welcome to Oregon Bordoodles! We strive to produce a healthy, intelligent and rare combination by carefully pairing the world's top two most intelligent breeds-the Border Collie & the Poodle! To get a glimpse into our program and dogs, please watch our video! To view upcoming litters, puppies, or learn more about Bordoodles, browse our website

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Country Raised Bordoodles Arthur ON. Bordoodle. Bordoodle. Merle Bordoodle. Bordoodle. 1/12. Thank you for visiting our website! We hope you find the right puppy for you and your family. It is our number one priority that our pups be placed in good homes where they will be given plenty of love and affection The personality of the Bordoodle has the devotion and attention usual of the Border Collie but with the easy going spirit of the Poodle. Very good with children and other pets. Their coat is soft, wavy and easy to manage. The shedding is minimal and, with consistent brushing, almost non existent. Bordoodles only require moderate amounts of. The Bordoodle is a playful, loving, and affectionate family dog. They get along well with children, other pets, and other dogs. They can be protective and initially wary of strangers, but do not tend to be aggressive as long as they have been properly socialized. As with any dog breed, poor socialization or training can result in poor behavior. Sadie and Dobby will have pups born this summer. Holly and Chet will have F1b Bordoodles in the spring of 2022. We expect to see sable bicolor, black bicolor, chocolate bicolor as well as possibly particolor pups and tricolor pups in this litter. The reserve list is now open and there are just 4 spots remaining on this reserve list Bordoodle puppies excel in Agility, as service dogs or therapy dogs, and as fun loving pets enjoying day to day life with their owners. Bordoodles make an incredible Agility, Performance sports or just an overall amazing trail buddy. Our Border Collies come from incredible herding lines and are great all around dogs

The only Bordoodle Breeder, of only F2b Next Generation Miniature Bordoodle Puppies and F3 Multiple Generation Miniature Bordoodle Puppies We are located in Northern Colorado's beautiful Rocky Mountains and we are soon moving to the beautiful Ozark Mountains in Missouri!! F3 Mini Bordoodle Puppies!!! Minnie and Mickey have six new puppies, four girls and two boys. Two red and white females, one red and white male, one blue merle and white female, one red merle and white female, one red merle and white male. Puppies go home approx. Sept 4th - Sept 6th, 2021. Picks are based on the future litter depositor list.

Standard sized Bernedoodle puppies will take about 2 full years to reach their adult size and will range between 45-85 lbs, depending on the size of the parents. When fully grown and also depending on the parents' sizes, Mini Bernedoodles range between 35-45 lbs. Micro's between 20-35lbs and Tiny's between 15-25lbs Bordoodles Australia specialises in breeding Border Collie x Miniature Poodle puppies. We're the longest-established breeders of Bordoodles in Australia, with 15 years' experience with these great dogs. Our puppies have found homes all across Australia, in New Zealand and also Asia. More about us. Bordoodles Australia specialises in.

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  1. Doodles, Doodles and Doodles. The families at Creekside Doodles have been raising dogs for over 20 years. We take the utmost care and responsibility when breeding our dogs and assisting families to find the right dog for them. Our doodle lineup includes labradoodles, aussiedoodles, bordoodles and double doodles
  2. Bordoodle F1b puppies are a mix of 25% Border Collie and 75% Poodle. See our available puppies here, and complete the deposit form and purchase agreement. 419-496-3346 info@turkfamilyfarm.co
  3. Deer Creek Labradoodles is a Labradoodle breeder who has been raising puppies for over 20 years. We are very involved in therapy work with our Labradoodle puppies and our main goal here at Deer Creek is to provide families all around the United States the perfect family companion
  4. Any Location. Any Price Up to $500 Up to $1,000 Up to $1,500 Up to $2,000 Up to $2,500 Over $2,500. Search. + More Filter Options. Home /. Dog Breeds /. Puppies For Sale /. Bordoodle Puppies /. Puppies For Sale
  5. Our Four-Legged Family. Our Bordoodle F1 (Border Collie & Poodle) puppies come from our rare marking Border Collie Ruby (CKC Registered), our traditional Border Collie with French tip ears Reba (ABCA Registered), or our gorgeous blue merle Border Collie Allie bred with our Standard Poodle stud, Bellamy (AKC and CKC Registered), who has parti markings and is white and tan
  6. Tags: Bordoodle Dog Breeder near HILLSBORO, WI, USA. Bordoodle Dog Breeder near JACKSBORO, TX, USA. SUBS-261556. Lost Creek Doodles. Member since: 05/24/2021. Lost Creek Doodles. Breeds: Bordoodle (+4) USA JACKSBORO, TX, USA. Stud service available. Description: Lost Creek Farm is located in Jack County, Texas. We are a working family farm.
  7. Find Bordoodle Puppies for Sale and Bordoodle Dogs for Adoption from around the world in our dog classifieds directory, or advertise your Bordoodle puppies and Bordoodle dog litters for free. If you are a Bordoodle dog breeder trying to sell your puppy, puppyfidner.com is a great place to get the word out

Mini Bordoodles have a high IQ and display unbelievable reasoning ability. They are very athletic, with superior strength and agility. Mini Bordoodles have been successfully trained as Service Dogs, PTSD Therapeutic Service Dogs, and have also shown the ability to serve as Diabetic Alert Dogs and Autism Assistance Dogs Beautiful Bordoodle Puppies for Sale. West Rainton, Durham. £2,000. £2,250. We have a stunning litter of border collie x toy poodles for sale. 4 beautiful boys and 2 gorgeous girls are available to forever homes! Mam is a fantastic... preloved.co.uk

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  1. Find The Perfect MINI For You. Discover Our Range Of Models Online. Who's In? Visit Berry Chiswick Online, Your Local MINI Centre & Enquire Today
  2. We are small hobby breeders with only a few dogs and two to three litters a year. Our goal is to raise quality, healthy, even-tempered puppies that are well socialized and will be lifelong members of your family. We specialize in black, red and apricot solids, parti and phantom marked standard poodles and tri colored Bordoodles
  3. Puppy Pricing. Traditional Black and White Bordoodle: $2000. Blue Merle, Red Merle, Tricolored, or Red & White Bordoodle: $2500. Effective May 9, 2021 all puppies will be $2750 (regardless of gender, color/markings, etc
  4. Puppies come with a two year health guarantee and come pre-loved and pre-spoiled. Here at Pacific Northwest Doodles, we are breeding carefully selected, allergen friendly Bordoodles and Goldendoodles. Our puppies grow up into wonderful family pets, therapy dogs, and even service dogs. We are located in Boise, Idaho and have delivered puppies.
  5. Standard Or Medium/Standard size & Bordoodles: 1-6 months. Petite, Mini, Mini/Medium size: 1-12 months, depending on how flexible you are on sex/color/generation and size. We regularly produce: Goldendoodles. All sizes. All the shades of Golden Retrievers, Both F1 and F1b. We also have occasional Multi-Gen Goldendoodles. Bordoodles. F1, F1b
  6. Our puppies come with a 1 year. genetic health guarantee. Miniature size BerneDoodles. We are a small family based breeder with over 30 yrs. of experience and dedication, We love and take it seriously when it comes to our breeding program. We have raised champions and have been blessed with the honor of winning the 2015 World Championship

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320-250-2464 $3200+ tax. Paisley -F1 Mini Goldendoodles. color: Apricot. Momma: GoldenRetriever Daddy: Mini Poodle. Expected adult 25-35 lbs. Pictured here at 8.5 weeks old. Purple Tag - currently 9 lb 6 oz - Female. I am Available - accepting Applications! Born: May 8, 2021 Doodle Puppy's Bordoodles. Doodle Puppy would like to thank you for joining us in our Bordoodle adventure! Some know them as Borderdoodle or Border Doodle, but the technical term is Bordoodle. Bordoodle's are extremely intelligent. They are a hybrid cross between the two smartest dogs in the world, a Border Collie and a Poodle We specialize in breeding the finest Mini Bernedoodle puppies. We import our Bernese Mountain dogs from Hungary and Ukraine with champion lines to ensure the highest quality. Call 615-955-0118 today Sienna and Tucker had their F2 Standard Goldendoodle puppies on 6/6 and we have 2 boys available. Both Sienna and Tucker are F1 Goldendoodles. Their puppies are various shades of golden in color. They should grow to be 40-50lbs when full grown, so small standards. They will have shaggy to wavy coats, mostly non-shedding Miniature Bernedoodle is a mix between the Miniature Poodle and the Bernese Mountain Dog. Learn about Mini Bernedoodle puppies for sale near Charlotte, NC. Toggle navigation Call Us Finish Adoption. Contact Info. Sales: (704) 761-6389 Client Care: (704) 992-7558 Puppy Care: (704) 781-7639

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  1. Thank you for taking the time to look at our available Bordoodle puppies for sale. If you see one you like and would like more information on, please fill out our puppy adoption application. We hope to hear from you soon. Puppy Gallery. Puppy Adoption Application. Get In Touch. Snohomish, WA, 98290. Phone: 425-442-9522
  2. iature, medium, and standard size puppies and we also breed F1 through Multigenerational litters
  3. i goldendoodle. We produce quality F1 English Teddybear Mini Goldendoodles with fleecy wavy classic goldendoodle coats. They have great temperament and size for families or travel
  4. iature, you think of that wonderful circus dog on its hind feet dancing, merry and lively and adoring

PUPPIES FOR SALE. We are a Registered Domestic Animal Breeder with the City of Greater Geelong, Registration Number 56. Source Number BR102738. All our border collie puppies have medium to long coats. Our Bordoodle puppies are all 1st Generation puppies. The females are all Purebred Border Collies and the sire is a Miniature Parti Poodle Meet our family-raised, hypoallergenic, sable & Tri-colored Mini & Standard Bernedoodle Puppies! Each one is vet-checked, vaccinated, & covered with plenty of TLC. Willow Creek Bernedoodles—your family's Bernedoodle breeder Devoted Mini Bernedoodle or Miniature Berenedoodle puppies are an F1 hybrid between a Toy, Mini, or Standard Poodle and Bernese Mountain Dog which varies the puppy's genetic inheritance, making them healthier. Companion dogs' size varies. Some designer dogs grow 15 to 40lbs with a semi hypoallergenic coat of different colors and textures Instead of being crossed with a Standard Poodle, an Old English Sheepdog is bred with either a Toy or Miniature Poodle in order to achieve the smaller size. While no one is quite sure when or where the Mini Sheepadoodle came to be, it is likely that the breed originated during the 1980s or 90s in the United States, like most designer dogs

The cost to buy a Bordoodle varies greatly and depends on many factors such as the breeders' location, reputation, litter size, lineage of the puppy, breed popularity (supply and demand), training, socialization efforts, breed lines and much more. Review how much Bordoodle puppies for sale sell for below Gender. Mixed. Age. Puppy. Color. Black. Love Puppy Paws has Schnoodles available we have this litter and another one on the way. these are great little dogs they do not shed and are very loving. View Details. $950

Hi and thank you for visiting Massachusetts Bernedoodles (MBD)! My name is Kim and I am the proud owner of Massachusetts Bernedoodles. I am and always have been committed to being a highly reputable and ethical dog breeder. With the 24/7 animal care technicians on site and 24/7 live puppy cams available to clients o We love providing wonderful, loving, healthy, smart, social, and gorgeous (I could go on and on) puppies to so many loving homes. All of our dogs are genetically health tested and cleared for all genetic diseases. All of our puppies are wormed at 2, 4, and 6 weeks and examined by a vet at 6 weeks where they receive their first round of shots

Find a Bordoodle Breeder in Virginia. Good Dog thoroughly vets every breeder to ensure they use responsible breeding practices for Bordoodles. Our standards for Bordoodle breeders in Virginia were developed with leading veterinarians and animal welfare experts. Have your puppy transported to you via car or van This way, all dogs in our program form that important family relationship. You can view our males and females and read about each one's individual traits and accomplishments that make them uniquely valuable to bettering our Oregon Bordoodles puppies. See our puppies page to see our most current litter (s). All Grown Up is a page that shows. PRICING Mini Bernedoodles Puppies (Average weight is 25-45 pounds at adulthood) ~Solid Color $2400 ~Bi-Colored $3200 ~Tri-Colored $3500 ~Merle $380


Talk about mini Goldendoodle Ohio, in this article we are going also to share some mini Goldendoodle which available for sale in Ohio. If you are interested to know it, let us see its list in the text below. 1. Kari. Sex: male. Age: 7 weeks. Price: $570. Location: Central Ohio. 2 Depending on the breeder, there is a great size range in the mini-bernedoodles. Some breeders use miniature poodles, other toy poodles, to obtain the smaller body size. Mini bernedoodles can range anywhere from 15 pounds to 40 pounds depending on the dogs used for breeding. HC Bernedoodles specializes in these special mini-bernedoodle puppies

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BORDOODLE BASICS. Bordoodles, also called Borderdoodles, are the hybrid cross between a Border Collie and Poodle, the two most intelligent dog breeds in the world. Their tender hearts, extreme intelligence and forgiving nature make them easy to train and popular as assistance dogs. Bordoodles are smart, loyal, affectionate and tolerant, making. Mini Bordoodle Puppies F1- caramel/red in colour. Male available, medium to small Gorgeous pups looking for their forever home Desexed not for breeding purposes Responsible Pet Breeder member 3304 Vaccinated, microchipped, vet checked and wormed. $4,000. Bathurst, NSW. 09/07/2021 Expected July 7th, 2021, this litter of Bernedoodles for sale will be ready to go home September 1st, 2021! Their mother, Jersey, is a Bernese Mountain Dog and their father, Parker, is a Poodle. These Bernedoodle puppies are expected to weigh between 25 lbs and 35 lbs fully grown. Litter Expected 07/07/2021 Bernedoodle Sarasota, Florida, United States. I have 5 Black and white Bernese mountain dog/Poodle puppies for sale. 1 male and 4 females. Dad is AKC Parti Poodle (Standard) about 51 lbs.... February 22, 2021. View more. $ 1200

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KyDoodles proudly produces Standard poodles, Multi-Generational. Goldendoodles & multi-generational Australian Labradoodles. We offer all puppies for sale only after we have done our very best to help them be healthy & happy from the moment they are being conceived to the day you pick them up to take them to their new home Miniature Poodle Puppies For Sale In Denver. Miniature Poodle Chloe S Pups. Prices start at : 800 USD. I have 4 females and 1 male..they are ckc registered,tails docked and UTD on shots. 3 apricot and 2 black..will be ready in time for Christmas..taking deposits now call Amy 7064732075. Current vaccinations I have mini aussiedoodle puppies for sale just a few times a year. So reserve yours today! It will be worth the wait! And now, dear brothers and sisters, one final thing. Fix your thoughts on what is true, and honorable, and right, and pure, and lovely, and admirable. Think about things that are excellent and worthy of praise.

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Midwest Pocket Doodles mini goldendoodle puppies for sale in Kansas. Adopt a mini doodle puppy. Red, white, parti, apricot color. Near Kansas, Nebraska, Missouri. Mini Bernedoodles can range from 23 to 50 pounds. 2nd Generation crosses (Miniature Bernedoodle bred to a Toy Poodle) can be between 12 and 26 pounds. The height will vary but probably be somewhere between 10 and 20 inches at the withers. 10 to 15 years Find Miniature Poodle Dogs and Puppies for sale in the UK near me. Advertise, Sell, Buy and Rehome Miniature Poodle Dogs and Puppies with Pets4homes. We want to hear your opinion! Tell us what features and improvements you would like to see on Pets4Homes. Help us by answering a short survey

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Callie ENS treated - Mini Aussiedoodle Puppy for Sale in Apple Creek, OH. Female. $1,900. Willow ENS treated - Mini Aussiedoodle Puppy for Sale in Apple Creek, OH. Female. $2,100. Rio ENS treated - Mini Aussiedoodle Puppy for Sale in Apple Creek, OH. Male. $2,100 Pets | Puppies & Dogs | Borderdoodles | Caernarfon. £1,000. Watch. 1. Posted 6 days ago. ** Bordoodle waiting list **. Denbigh, Denbighshire. This advert is to create a wait list for potential new owners of these special puppies. Bordoodles are a stunning cross breed of a border collie and a poodle Qualities: Weight: These pups are Miniature F1 Aussiedoodles and the average litter size is estimated to grow to approximately 15-20 pounds, full grown. But keep in mind that some may take on weights of grandparents genes and be bigger or smaller. We can't guarantee weights. Shedding/Allergies: As F1 Aussiedoodles, they should be fairly hypoallergenic dogs, depending on coat type (see info. Puppy Price: $3,500. All Puppies are $3,500 regardless of size, color or gender. For those seeking the best of the best, Mountain Rose is your Gold Standard.Because we are also Professional trainers as well as breeders, there are specific things that we do for our puppies and our new puppy owners that are just not offered or available through other breeders including our 10-year health. Bordoodle Breeders. This post may contain affiliate links. We may earn money or products from the companies mentioned in this post. Paws'N'Pups has curated the most comprehensive list of Bordoodle breeders from around the world to help you find the puppy of your dreams! We strive to provide you with the most up to date breeder listings.

We are a Seattle dog breeder raising Doodle, Labradoodle, Bernedoodle, Doubledoodle and Goldendoodle puppies with over 25 years of experience. Our puppies are raised with love at our 10 acre ranch in Sandpoint, Idaho. Our doodles are unique because of their health, intelligence and calmness. Half of our puppies go on to be service and therapy dogs Turk Family Farm sells Bordoodle puppies to good homes. Bordoodle Puppies for Sale. Mama Chica's Breeding career is over, soon she'll retire, spending her days napping and fishing with me. Mini; Nissan; Tin tức; Bảng giá xe; So sánh xe; Liên hệ; Tin tức mini bordoodle nsw. Cobblestone Bernedoodles is one of the best Mini Bernedoodle breeders on the East Coast of the USA. Parents. There are a total of 4 Bordoodle sisters that were hand raised here at J'Adorable Poodles & Doodles. Mercy lives with me. Molly, Diamond and Silk live with their families but I have partnered with them in order to keep my genetics going and meet the high demand for my F1b Bordoodles. All four will be bred to Picasso for F1b Bordoodles Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole. - Rodger A. Caras - StoneRidge Doodles is located in Hennepin County, Minnesota and is proud to have connected GoldenDoodles, SheepaDoodles, LabraDoodles and BerneDoodles with their forever families - all over the world

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